IVE Performs Their Hit Songs For The First Time During Their Concert In Manila

~It’s IVE’s time~ and DIVEs surely had a lot fun at the Araneta Coliseum last June 17! Yujin, Wonyoung, Gaeul, Rei, Liz and Leeseo recently held their first fan concert in Manila titled “The Prom Queens,” which marks the first leg of their Asia tour.

During the event, the six-member group performed all of their hit tracks which includes “I AM,” “Kitsch” “After Like,” “Love Dive,” and their debut single, “Eleven.” They also delighted the crowd with their albums’ b-sides. “For this concert, we focused on the school life. We hope everyone can have a fun time tonight. Masaya kayo!”, Liz shared.

Apart from dancing their chart toppers on the ~big big stage~ at the Big Dome, IVE also did a cover of other songs—Wonyoung and Rei with “Me Too” by Meghan Trainor, Yujin and Liz with “Flashlight” by Jessie J, and Gaeul and Leeseo with BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love.”

DIVEs learned new facts about the girls and their songs, too, when they played games as hosted by Sam Oh. An example: The word “Kitsch” is mentioned 43 times in the song “Kitsch”!

During the ending ment, the members became emotional and they comforted each other. “It’s been so long since I felt this much excitement on stage and we’ve arrived here in the Philippines with this heart. I’m thankful to each of everyone that has come today to see us. Thank you very much for continuously supporting and loving us and we will repay this love to you all,” said Leeseo.

Gaeul mentioned that they were truly anticipating their first concert in the country. “Ever since we were in South Korea, we waited for this day—to come to the Philippines. We’ll make sure that #IVE will come here more often.”

IVE’s The Prom Queens in Manila is brought to us by DNM Entertainment.

Article: Irene Lorenzana
Photos: Gavie Bunales


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