'Who's Next?' Know what's next for LAPILLUS as they teases fans for 2nd mini album “GIRL’s ROUND Part. 2”

It’s time to look forward to Lapillus’ “GIRL’s ROUND” Part. 2, as the group is about to release their 2nd mini album in two days! Here are some of the key points #Who’sNext #HexagonGroup #GlobalActivities that fans should look forward to in this upcoming comeback:

“Confident Energy”

This second mini album, which is the second part of the “GIRL’s ROUND” series, contains Lapillus’ relentless determination. The girls who continuously showed their adventurous side since their debut, have even put in more powerful energy and are planning to meet their listeners with their title song, “Who’s Next”.

English Versions of their songs

Aside from this, the album contains “Marionette”, “ULALA”, Paper” and the English version and instrumental version of “Who’s Next” which will show the even more widened musical spectrum of Lapillus.

As Lapillus being a group who has left a mark to the public with their powerful presence on stage, with attention growing on their new change, these are the key exciting points about their second mini album.

“Who’s Next?” and What’s next for Lapillus?

Their hit debut song “HIT YA” got everyone LSS and just pulled the trigger towards their dreams with the release of their song “GRATATA.” Now, it’s finally time to enjoy hip-hop dance with their song “Who’s Next?” 

“Who’s Next” gives off exciting beats and conveys self-love messages through it lyrics. Lapillus will also be having numerous promotions through various platforms and offline events.

An upgraded “Hexagon Group”

With this new album, Lapillus will prove that Chanty, Shana, Yue, Bessie, Seowon, and Haeun have moves way better than rookies as a full “Hexagon Group” and they are ready to show off heir leveled up skills. 

Expect the girls of Lapillus to conquer the stage once again with their stable live vocals, fun stage presence and overflowing love for the fans. Expect colorful stage design and memorable performances coming from them through this comeback.

The global popularity

Lapillus proved that in just a short span of time, they garnered thousands of fans not just in South Korea but also abroad. Three months after their debut, the group also launched in the Philippines and has appeared in various shows through guestings and interviews. Aside from that, Lapillus because the ambassadors of the province of Ilocus Sur. 

To add to their achievements, their first guerilla fan meeting held in Mexico gathered more than 2000 fans who enjoyed a great time with them as they celebrate music together. They also attended the “Lo Nuestro Awards 2023”, a Latin music awards show, as the representative of K-POP to present an award showing their continuous growth. 

Make sure to mark your calendars as Lapillus will hit the charts again with the release of the “GIRL’s ROUND Part. 2” this coming June 21st at 6 PM (KST) on various online streaming platforms.

Photos: MLD엔터테인먼트


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