Jeju, South Korea: Chakhan Dwaeji Korean Buffet Restaurant (착한 돼지)

Samgyupsal eat out nights can be really deceiving. In fact, I’ve been to lots of unlimited Korean restaurants for that reason before but this one–to date– marks it on my mind. When they say it’s all out, it really is. If you are visiting Korea, Chakhan Dwaeji is the place to be.

Aside from loads of choices for Pork, beef, chicken, sausages and seafood, they also have other goods well made dishes like kimbap and bibimbap alike. Fried chicken is also on the choices! It’s also my first time to see a Korean buffet with macaroni salads and even spaghetti on the row!!! I just can’t breathe after trying their dishes. I am totally full!

You can also try Korean instant noodles like Jjampong and Jjajjangmyeon there. They have almost everything you need when it’s about Korean food! All for 14,000 won, you’ll enjoy a King like an experience where all the meats, seafood and buffet specialties are available!

Chakhan Dwaeji has a lot of branches all around Korea and luckily, we’ve got to try one! The ambiance is really nice since it’s located within one of the busy streets of Jeju. There were lots of youngster roaming around when we came. Even the branch where we ate is also jam-packed. However, I am just quite disappointed on the comfort room since they only have two with no proper locks and that the floor going to that area is extremely wet. I slipped a little.

Going back with the meat as our topic, my favorite one is the small octopus and the marinated pork! Since I had a lot of Samgyupsal before, I really enjoyed the marinated pork because it totally made me feel ‘ Yes, I am really in Korea. This is really Korean food!’

Some of the meat were served frozen but it’s super easy to cook them and my Korean friend is right, the meat in Korea is totally different from the ones served in the Philippines. That’s probably the reason why I am amazed with the expertise in grilling meat and he can simply tell which is fresh or not by just looking! I wish I also have that talent.


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