Jeju, South Korea: Mt. Halla Experience (Hallasan – 한라산)

The Mt. Halla or Hallasan, (한라산) is the highest peak in South Korea. This is the best place to see an overview of the whole Jeju Island.

How do you see Jeju Island as a whole? Well, I’m pretty sure you are on the stigma side of it as a ‘honeymoon spot’ for lovers. I must admit that I’m on the same boat with you! Yet, when I visited Jeju Island with a lot of firsts for me, that’s when I realized that you don’t need to take you ‘namchin’ with you just to enjoy your trip.  

Here comes one the tourist spots you must see when you visit Jeju Island! Situated 6,398 feet above the ground, known as the tallest place in South Korea, Mt. Halla or Hallasan is the place to hike if you love adventure!


Since we have a travel itinerary, we were dropped off on to the foot of Mt. Halla. I saw a few buses from the airport dropping off to different points of the province and we also saw buses passing by Mt. Halla itself.


I didn’t notice any accommodation spots on the foot of the mountain. However, there are quite a few numbers of inns and hotels a few minutes away from it. I highly suggest you still stay in the city proper for easy access to everything.

Ella’s Experience:

– We only had about 30 mins to stay there literally for photo taking purposes only.

– Wifi connection is super strong! (I even conducted an FB live during our stay.)

– Since it’s my first time in snow, even though I’ve read blogs before saying it’s okay to wear autumn clothes, if there’s ice – it’s super impossible.

– My phone unexplainably turned off (probably due to the cold) and suddenly drained when we’re about to take pictures! Luckily, I have a spare phone!

– If you are not capable of beating the cold, you could just stay at the foot of the mountain. – like what we did. As for our team, since it’s less than an hour tour, we lack time to hike.

– There’s a ‘kiddie’ area, a little playground located near the parking lot!

What to expect:

– There’s a ‘gallery’ type of place for those who wish to learn more about the historical value and events held in Mt. Halla.

– I didn’t see any place for souvenir nor coffee shop nearby.

– They conduct festivals and events in the area so make sure to check on the dates before you visit, you might be able to participate there!


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