Jeju, South Korea: Tom and Toms (탐앤탐스)

When I visited Jeju Island, there was no way we could skip a day that we didn’t take in coffee. In some instances, we drink at least twice. Since Philippines does not have winter, a little cold bothers me already, what more is the ice? For me to survive my travel, we tried Tom and Toms in Chilsongro (Chilsong street). — Now, it’s my favorite coffee shop!!!

Coffee is something I can’t skip whenever I’m with my friends! It wakes me up a lot for me to be able to continue my day. I love Iced Americano thanks to a friend who introduced it to me.

Ella’s Experience:

1. There aren’t that much choices for drinks compared to other shops but all on their menu is house’s specialties. it means they mastered it.
2. The coffee shop gives it super classy and cozy feel.
3. It’s cheaper compared to other brands but you’ll still gonna love their drinks!

My friend and I ordered the same drink, it’s a ‘Mocha’ type of drink. — I can’t remember the exact name. The place is super cozy, I’m lovin’ it. They also offer breads and other items like tumblers and coffee making machines. We sat by the window and it looks really nice. At night, Chilseong street is well-lighted and surrounded by people who are doing their own shopping!


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