Jung Hae In graces his “The 10th Season” Fanmeeting in Manila

Haeiness swoon over Jung Hae In’s charisma during his recent fan meeting! A comeback that’s truly remarkable for Filipino fans, Jung Hae In received such a warm welcome as he graces the stage of New Frontier Theater for an intimate night at the “Jung Hae In The 10th Season” Fan meeting in Manila last August 6.

It has been four years since the “D.P.” and “Snowdrop” actor’s visit to the Philippines so the it was a weekend that’s unforgettable for Haennies. ‘The 10th Season’ was his touring fan meet to celebrate his amazing decade in the the entertainment industry.

“I miss you” – Jung Hae In

The show began when he came out of the stage while singing “Crazy”, a song from his drama “D.P.” This made the fans mesmerized by his looks and voice. He greeted everyone with “Magandang gabi. Ikinagagalak kong makita kayo muli. Na-miss ko kayo”.

Ask Jung Hae In

The first segment of the event was answering questions written by fans on sticky notes. Hae In chose from the board of post-its some questions to answer. The first one was about how old he wants to marry, he answered that he has no plans yet because he wanted to do more acting.

When a fan asked if she could get a hug, Hae In said that he wanted to hug everyone but that would probably be 10 hours long so he assured that he would greet everyone at the end of the show.

He was also asked if he likes to come back to the Philippines and he answered that he wants to because he did not expect the venue to be full. And on the possibility of shooting a film here in the country, he mentioned that if there is a good scenario, he can try it.

He shared that he didn’t expect that ‘D.P.” would be well loved in the Philippines and told the fans to wait for him to act in another romantic drama.

Memories of his decade-long career

Jung Hae In’s photos from the last 10 years were shown including behind-the-scene shots and never-before-seen pictures.  He then he gave a bit of back-story for each photo. There was one photo were a barrel of whisky was shown, he said that the barrel had the same age as him so he took a photo. He also shared that he loves whisky.

When asked if he could tell something to his younger self from 10 years ago, he said that he would tell him to enjoy acting and do his best because he will be loved by a lot of people.

The precious black hat

On the next segment, several props from his drama were shown. Jung Hae In showed the black hat that he used in ‘Snow Drop’, ‘Connect’, and in his normal days. He also brought the beret and uniform he used in ‘D.P.’ Season 1 and 2, saying that he feels like the drama covered his youth very well because he shoot it for more than a year. He did not expect that fans loved the bandages he used in ‘Snowdrop’ so he threw some of it to the audience.

He said that his most beloved and favorite role was An Jun Ho. in ‘D.P.’ while the longest role that he studied was his spy role as Lim Soo Ho in ‘Snowdrop’. As everyone dove deeper in his 10-year career, scenes from his drama were played based on the ranking made by fans and he shared some stories behind those scenes.

Scenes from the dramas “Goblin: The Lonely and Great God’, ‘Prison Playbook’, ‘Tune in For Love,’ ‘D.P.’, ‘One Spring Night’, ‘While You Were Sleeping’, ‘Something in the Rain’ and ‘Snowdrop’ were played on stage. He stated that he feels embarrassed whenever he watches his own emotional scenes.

Jung Hae In shared that he had hard time detaching himself from his character Seo Jun Hee in Something in the Rain and Park Sun Woo in Veteran 2 [that is coming out soon].

Singer Jung Hae In

During the second part of the fan meeting, Jung Hae In serenade the crowd with ‘Memories More Than Love’ and ‘Hidden Road’. He said that it was his favorite track from ‘Snowdrop’, so he practiced a lot to sing it for his fans.

Playing golf on-stage

In the ‘Golf Season Game’, the actor then played golf putting and every time he putts a ball in the hole, he will have a photo time using cute props. After five attempts, he successfully putted the ball and wore a cute crown headband. He seemed to enjoy it and continued to play another five times and only stopped when the staffs took away the putting mat.

It’s our season

During the ‘Your Season’ segment, Jung Hae In read three stories from chosen fans and gave them gifts especially prepared by himself – signed photocards, black hat, and One Spring Night Blu-ray limited edition item that he personally bought.

He shared that he was not really meant to be an actor because his parents believed that the job of being an actor is not stable but he was confident even before that he will be successful and his parents support him a lot now. Hae In hoped that his energy will be forwarded to the first sender so that she can finish her studies and prove herself well. Jung Hae In also gave a love advice to everyone saying that if they’re going to love somebody, they have to love them with their whole life so they will have no regrets.

A heartfelt message to fans

He said that he will make sure to cherish in his heart all the Filipino Haeiness that attended his fan meeting. He added that the crowd’s loud cheer energized him a lot and he will never forget the eyes of every Haeinnes in that place. During the group photo with the crowd, the fan video project flashed on the screen and made him teary-eyed as he watched it. He said that Philippine Haeinnes is the best and that he really didn’t expect it.

He also mentioned that Filipino Haeinnes are actually the ones that gave him the passion and touching moment. He thanked everyone and promised to take greater projects and do better so that he can provide enjoyable works and series.

“Maraming Salamat po. Ingat ka. Mahal na mahal kita.” – Jung Hae In

Jung Hae In wrapped up the night by singing ‘I Choose To Love You’ together with the fans and said that he respects and loves them. As the long night ended, everyone got the chance to greet and see him up-close during the Hi-Bye session. Jung Hae In “The 10th Season” Fan Meeting in Manila was brought to us by Viu Scream Dates and CDM Entertainment. 

Article and Photos: Jessa Lacao


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