Highlights of Eric Nam’s fan meeting in Manila 2023

A surprise announcement about Eric’s Nam’s comeback in the Philippines made Nam Nation rejoiced as he made it to Manila once again to meet the fans. Eric Nam made his visit more memorable this time as he held a free fan meeting at Market! Market! in Taguig City last August 5, 2023.

Despite the short span of time to prepare, a lot of fans showed up at the venue, some handled banners and shared their excitement with other fans as they are finally seeing the multi-talented host, singer and composer Eric Nam.

Memorable show for Eric Nam

Asked what’s the most memorable show he had, Eric Nam shared that it is his first time conducting a show in his home town, Atlanta. He shared that it was a time that he was very nervous because it is the first time that his family is watching his show.

Eric’s podcast

On his podcast, there’s a lot of incredible people that he interviewed is Jackson Wang, it’s the first time that did a two episodes, and Jesse, who is also very very honest. Currently, his favorite song is his new album and title track “House on a Hill” and his new song “Don’t Leave Yet.”

Watch the music video here:

Eric Nam in the Philippines

Eric has been to Manila a few times before. He held his ‘Before We Begin’ Asia Tour 2020 and There & Back Again World Tour 2022. In his short interview, he shared that he is very happy to be back in the Philippines. He said that he really wanted to explore the city but it might take a long time and it could be very expensive. Aside from the city proper, he also wanted to see the beautiful beaches like Boracay, Cebu and Palawan.

A shout out to Nam Nation

“I am thankful that a lot of people showed up for this event. Even though I don’t come here often in the Philippines, the fans are always welcoming.” Eric Nam showed his appreciation to his fans. During his visit this time, he’s been actively promoting his new album “House on a Hill” and appeared in numerous shows including “Tiktoclock” on GMA.

Eric Nam speaking in Tagalog

Aside from singing some of his hits including the OST “Perhaps Love” from the popular series “Princess Hours”, Eric Nam also did the “Tagalog Challenge” where he needed to read a and use a few Pinoy phrases including “Edi wow”, “Sana all”, “Bakit malungkot ang beshie ko?”, “Kumain ka na,” and “Mahal ko kayo”.

Eric Nam vs Jollibee

If you’ve been following Eric Nam for a long time now, you would probably know that he had an attempt to try Jollibee during his ‘Before We Begin’ Asia Tour where the branch he visited only accepts cash so they failed to try it since they have no cash on hand. This time, Eric Nam said that he still wants to try eating the famous Jollibee this time.

As he ends the show, he reads some heartfelt letters from fans that made the crowd felt overwhelmed. He also sang his latest single, “House on the Hill”, and his other songs “Honestly”, “I Don’t Know You Anymore”, ” Good for You”, “Love Die Young”, “Runaway”.

Article: Regine Monsanto
Photos: Jessa Lacao


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