Kim Seon Ho’s Debut Film ‘The Childe” is Hitting PH Theaters Nationwide This July 5!

Saying goodbye to his “Good boy” image on the screen, Kim Seon Ho is the next villain in the film “The Childe” 귀공자, where he plays the lead role “Nobleman.” 

The blockbuster film premiered in South Korea last June 21, 2023, and will be premiering in the Philippines on July 5, 2023.

The Childe is ready to captivate the hearts of the audience with its heart-stopping action scenes and thrilling twists. Numerous reviews proved the solid storyline of the film and the characters that it garnered lots of positive reviews from South Korean press and viewers.



  • Kim Seon Ho as “Nobleman” / Chingu (friend)
  • Kang Tae Ju as Marco 
  • Go Ara as Yoon Ju
  • Kim Kang Woo as Han Yi Sa
  • Directed by: Park Hoon Jung (Director of New World and Witch Part 1 & 2)


Hold tight! This blockbuster hit film tells the story of a ‘Kopino’ (Mixed Korean and Filipino) amateur boxer played by actor Kang Tae Ju. In Manila, his boxing fight is merely to support the medication of his mother who is currently bedridden. Hoping to find help for his mom’s medical condition and to seek greener pastures, he decided to go to South Korea to meet his Korean father without knowing the consequences of his actions.

Tae Ju meets a guy on his way to South Korea. The mysterious man appeared before him without any clue if he was an ally or an enemy. As Tae Ju runs for his life, the audience will feel mixed emotions, and great adrenaline thanks to numerous mind-boggling scenes that will continue to puzzle you towards the ending. 

Kim Seon Ho’s debut film

Following his successful dramas Start-Up and Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, Kim Seon Ho made his way to the big screen through the film “The Childe.” He will be acting alongside actors Kang Tae Ju (Hello, Me! and Missing: The Other Side) and Go Ara (Hwarang and Reply 1994).

The Philippines is one of the main film locations

As the main characters are “Kopino” (Korean-Filipino), one of the film’s main locations in the Philippines, specifically Manila, where the major scenes in the film happened. With that, as a fan of Kdrama, you’ll casually see some relatable “Pinoy” life scenarios including the ones in the trailer where Kim Seon Ho drinks coke in a bottle using a plastic straw.

The characters speaking in Tagalog

We are pretty sure that you are excited to hear Kim Seon Ho speak Tagalog! Seonhohada will surely get enough of Kim Seon Ho, his angst in his villain character, and a little swooning every time we see his face getting a close-up shot on the big screen! Once you hear him speak our language, the scene will live in your mind rent-free.

The Special Advance Screening

Celebrities and influencers made their way to the red carpet exclusive advance screening of ‘The Childe’ where everyone showed much anticipation and excitement as they enter the cinema with so much intrigue on how the film will turn out. 

No more spoilers from us, it’s time to remind everyone that you can now watch ‘The Childe’ in numerous Philippine cinemas nationwide! The film is officially distributed in the Philippines by CreaZion Studios and Glimmer Productions. You may check their FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more details.


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