Kim Seon Ho Charms Fans in Singapore for the Last Stop of His “One, Two, Three. Smile. Fanmeeting”

It’s an exciting evening for K-drama fans in Singapore as Kim Seon Ho held the last stop of his 2023 Kim Seon Ho Asia Tour <One, Two, Three. Smile > on its shores. For the actor and Seonhohadas, the event which took place at The Star Theatre on September 15, 2023, was nothing short of a dream come true.

The Start of a Memorable Evening with Kim Seon Ho

The cheers in the room were intense as soon as Kim Seon Ho entered the stage. The actor, known for his roles in the hit dramas “Start Up”, “Hometown ChaChaCha” and his recent film “The Childe“, has won over hearts everywhere with his talent and personality. He performed Paul Kim’s “Every Day, Every Moment” to open the night.

Kim Seon Ho gave a heartfelt greeting to everyone and expressed his appreciation for the tremendous support he has received from fans in Singapore and all over the world. Throughout the event, his humility and sincere gratitude for Seonhohadas were obvious, interacting with fans like close friends.

The Strength of Seon Ho and Seonhohadas Bond

The fan meeting was jam-packed with entertaining activities like Q&A sessions, games, and fan interactions that all highlighted Kim Seon Ho’s skills and charm. As he revealed experiences from his life, profession, and even his favorite Singaporean food, the actor’s fans got to know him better.

Kim Seon Ho’s TMI

Seon Ho also made the atmosphere lighthearted and fun, often joking with fans and reacting to their antics. One of the most touching parts of the night was when Seon Ho shared that when he sees fans who have been to his past events, he recognizes their faces, so he wants to greet them because it feels like he knows them.

During the games, a Filipino fan got picked and Seon Ho shared onstage that this fan would always go to his events wearing a wedding gown and he truly appreciates the effort.

The actor also prepared special gifts for his fans including a signed crane and a customized cap that he drew on especially for that night. He’s really such a sweetheart!

The Special Moment We Never Want to End

Seon Ho performed his song, “Reason”, to cap off the night. However, during the middle of the performance, he couldn’t help but break into laughter whenever the confetti machine makes a really intense loud sound. It was such an adorable moment!

Seon Ho being Seon Ho who wants to give the best to fans kept apologizing even though Seonhohadas are totally okay with it. And in true Seon Ho fashion, he repeated his performance to the delight of the audience.

Seon Ho then asked fans to take a group photo together not knowing that there would be a surprise video fan project prepared for him. The actor got emotional especially when fans’ letters were flashed onscreen telling him how much he makes them happy. He then expressed his appreciation and gratitude to Seonhohadas but also made them laugh when he asked to take one last group photo as evidence that he didn’t cry!

Selected VIP fans were able to take a photo opportunity with him and everyone got to get up close with Seon Ho for the goodbye session. The event ended with so many special moments which will be kept in the hearts of Seonhohadas until we meet him again.

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Article: Lei Reyes
Photos: Cess Legion
Video credits: Pulp Live World


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