Love Across Borders: “Under Parallel Skies” Premiere Gala Unveils Win Metawin and Janella Salvador’s Chemistry

The premiere night of “Under Parallel Skies,” the much-anticipated first international film by 28 Squared Productions, was a star-studded affair filled with fan fervor. Over 500 fans, media and movie critics flocked to the event last April 16 at SM Megamall, their energy creating a buzz of excitement for the film’s release.

Leading the cast, Win Metawin and Janella Salvador graced the red carpet, receiving thunderous applause from the crowd. Win took the mic to express his gratitude: “Thank you for coming tonight.” Janella followed, echoing the sentiment: “We hope that you enjoy the movie we worked hard for.”

“Under Parallel Skies” tells the story of Parin (Win Metawin), a Thai man grappling with a past shrouded in pain. Seeking answers, he embarks on a journey to Hong Kong, where he encounters Iris (Janella Salvador), a Filipino hotel receptionist. Iris becomes his guide not only through the bustling city but also through the complexities of love, heartbreak, and healing.

The film dives deeper, hinting at a mysterious connection between Iris and Parin’s past. Will this connection bring closure or open old wounds? Under the helm of director and writer Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, known for her critically-acclaimed works “Anita’s Last Cha-Cha” (2013), “I See You / Kita Kita” (2017), and “UnTrue” (2019), “Under Parallel Skies” promises a captivating exploration of love, loss, and the unexpected twists of fate.

The Philippine premiere of “Under Parallel Skies” on April 17th is sure to be a must-see event for fans of Win Metawin, Janella Salvador, and heartwarming stories that transcend borders.


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