Under Parallel Skies Premieres: A Cross-Cultural Rom-Drama Takes Flight

Under Parallel Skies, a 28 Squared Studios’ latest offering, had its red carpet premiere last night at SM Megamall, bringing together Thai heartthrob Win Metawin and Filipina singer-actress Janella Salvador for a captivating cinematic adventure and a special meet-and-greet session with the fans!

The film follows Parin (Win), a young Thai man who embarks on a journey to Hong Kong in search of his mother, who abandoned their family years ago. Lost and drowning his sorrows in alcohol, Parin stumbles into the life of Iris (Janella), a hardworking hotel receptionist. Iris becomes his reluctant guardian angel, navigating his drunken escapades and ensuring his well-being.

Under Parallel Skies is best experienced with a crowd.

The audience’s energy, from cheers to declarations of love for the lead actors, adds another layer to the film’s charm. Win Metawin himself expressed his delight at the enthusiastic reception to the huge anticipation of fans for his first international film!

Hong Kong serves as a captivating backdrop

The bustling metropolis reflects Parin’s initial disorientation, while the serene island of Peng Chau provides a peaceful counterpoint as the characters delve deeper into their connection. This film offers a glimpse of Hong Kong beyond the usual tourist destinations.

Under Parallel Skies ambitiously incorporates four languages – Thai, Filipino, Cantonese, and English – into its narrative.

This linguistic tapestry effectively conveys the film’s multicultural themes, adding humor and emotional depth to various scenes. The use of internal monologue in Thai allows viewers a peek into Parin’s internal struggles and burgeoning emotions.

Under Parallel Skies is a testament to the perfect casting of Win and Janella.

Win effortlessly transitions into his first English-language role, while Janella portrays the complexities of an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) grappling with loneliness and longing.

This film is a delightful watch, offering a blend of kilig and slice-of-life storytelling. Under Parallel Skies is a must-see for fans of Win Metawin, Janella Salvador, and cross-cultural romances.


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