Love and the Zombie Apocalypse Collide in “Love You As The World Ends”

Another thrilling cinematic experience will hit cinemas with the hit horror-television series “Love You As The World Ends,” explodes onto the big screen. This June 12th, an Encore Films film distributed by Warner Bros., will bring the story of love, loss, and determination in a world overrun by the undead to Philippine cinemas.

Directed by Shintaro Sugawara, the mastermind behind the original series that dominated Hulu Japan for two consecutive years, “Love You As The World Ends” follows the harrowing journey of a group of survivors. Among them is Hibiki Mimiya (Takeuchi Ryoma), a man haunted by the loss of his partner Kurumi Ogasawara during the initial outbreak. Fueled by a desperate hope, Hibiki embarks on a perilous mission – to find his kidnapped daughter, Mirai.

Mirai, believed to hold the key to a potential cure, has been taken to Utopia, a once-promising haven that’s now a crumbling sanctuary. Researchers desperately seek a solution at the top of this decaying refuge, far from the growing chaos below.

Undeterred, Hibiki infiltrates Utopia, driven by a fierce determination to save his daughter. He’s not alone. A reluctant alliance forms as other men, each with their own reasons to fight, join Hibiki’s ascent. Among them is Shibasaki Yamato (Takahashi Fumiya), fueled by the hope of reuniting with his lost love, Hatori Aoi, whose fate within Utopia’s walls remains shrouded in mystery.

Will these survivors find solace and salvation in a world consumed by the monstrous Golems, or will their love stories end in tragedy? Find out in “Love You As The World Ends,” opening in Philippine cinemas on June 12th. Don’t miss this heart-pounding tale of perseverance and the unwavering power of love, even in the face of the apocalypse.


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