“Love Senior” The Series Cast Spills on Challenges, Dream Roles and More at Their Recent Manila Fanmeeting Presscon

The cast of the hit Thai GL series “Love Senior” brought their infectious energy to a recent press conference in Manila for the Love Senior Fanmeeting in Manila last April 27, 2024. Anda, Lookkaew, Praewa, and Noon greeted the press with warm Filipino hospitality, setting the tone for a fun and informative session.

New to the Girls Love genre, both Anda and Lookkaew revealed they underwent workshops to prepare for their roles. Lookkaew admitted the drama scenes were the most challenging for her, while all the girls agreed the long scripts presented another hurdle. If given the chance to switch roles, Noon craved Praewa’s sweet and innocent character, while Praewa was drawn to Anda’s playful and flirtatious personality.

In a heartwarming segment, the cast offered advice to their characters. Noon suggested her hot-headed character learn to control her temper, while Praewa wished her character would spend more time with friends and embrace new experiences. Lookkaew delivered a simple but powerful message of encouragement, while Anda emphasized the importance of communication.

Travel aspirations took center stage when Lookkaew expressed her desire to visit Cebu and see the majestic whale sharks. Discussing future projects, the actresses revealed a range of interests. Lookkaew yearns for a survivor role, Anda desires a cooler, action-oriented character, Praewa is drawn to dark magic or witch roles (even confessing a love for Enigma!), and Noon fancies a magical or fantasy role akin to Dr. Strange.

The presscon wasn’t all serious business; the cast also revealed their personality scents (Anda – fruity, Lookkaew – mixed fruits, Praewa – vanilla) and their roles within their friend group. Noon described herself as quiet but playful, while Anda playfully countered that Noon is the true comedian. Praewa was hailed as the group’s resident storyteller, and Anda, initially claiming the “big sister” role, was ultimately exposed as the prankster by Noon!

The press conference concluded with Noon entertaining the media with a demonstration of various poses and facial expressions for different scenarios, leaving everyone with a smile and a deeper appreciation for the delightful cast of “Love Senior.” “Love Senior The Series” is presented by Wish Us Luck.


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