Prepare to Fall Head Over Heels for LUVCON 2024 in Manila with Tilly Birds, TALE, Boss Chaikamon, Three Man Down, and Boy Sompob!

Get ready for a musical lovefest unlike any other as LUVCON 2024 explodes onto the scene, promising an emotional rollercoaster under the theme “Feelings Ain’t Overrated!” Set to take over the SM North EDSA Skydome on February 10, LUVCON 2024 is gearing up to be a night of musical confessions, heartfelt anthems, and raw emotions.

The Thai wave will bring a unique blend of indie-pop, R&B, and folk sensibilities to the Manila stage. Let’s get to know the artists who will have your heartstrings tugging at LUVCON:


TALE, formerly known as Ampersand, is an independent male duo composed of Ponjang and Tanthai. They debuted on November 29, 2019, with the digital single “หลอกตัวเอง”.

TALE blends soulful vocals with raw emotion, crafting folk-pop anthems that resonate with vulnerability and strength. Think fiery melodies echoing lost love and defiance, painted over hauntingly beautiful electronica. Their music is a captivating storm, leaving listeners both moved and empowered.

You can listen to their latest single “Falsely Moving On” on rainy days when you miss someone. The song paints a raw and relatable picture of the struggles of overcoming heartbreak, capturing the conflicting emotions of pretending to be okay while still deeply in pain. While the song acknowledges the pain, it also leaves a sliver of hope that genuine move-on, one true to our emotions, is ultimately possible.


Boy Sompob is a singer-songwriter who is also a member of the band Catchy. He made his solo debut on February 24, 2015, with the studio album “Himalayas.” He has been singing OSTs for several Thai drama series such as “Can I Say The Word Love With You,” from the Between Us series and “Until We Meet Again,” with the same title. Expect Boy Sompob to paint the stage with vulnerability and raw emotions, leaving you pondering life’s complexities with every note.

His song “ย้อน” (Turn Back Time) from the OST of “The Effect” series is a poignant ballad that delves into the bittersweet yearning for a chance to rewrite the past. The song is a heartfelt exploration of human emotions, reminding us of the fragility of time, the lessons learned from past mistakes, and the hope in shaping a brighter future.


Three Man Down is a four-member male band under Gene Lab. Originally as five, they debuted on May 20, 2016, with the digital single “Hey Josh!”

With current members Kit, Seng, Thay, and Toon, they continue to blend raw vocals with electrifying beats to create anthems that don’t sugarcoat, music that makes you feel everything from rage to vulnerability and back again. You’ll leave wanting to scream along, dance your heart out, and maybe shed a tear or two, all while feeling empowered and ready to face whatever life throws your way.

Their song “ถ้าเธอรักฉันจริง” (If You Really Love Me” is more than just a catchy tune; it’s a relatable expression of the anxieties and insecurities that lurk within any relationship. The song forces us to confront our vulnerabilities and the realities of our relationships. It offers a powerful reminder that true love deserves honesty, open communication, and actions that align with words. Whether the love is genuine or not, the song resonates with anyone who has ever questioned the depth and sincerity of their partner’s feelings.


Boss Chaikamon isn’t just a singer; he’s a storyteller. His smooth vocals weave tales of love, loss, and yearning, painting vivid pictures with every note. His music is a blend of soulful pop and subtle electronic beats, creating a soundscape that’s both familiar and fresh. Whether he’s serenading you with a romantic ballad or letting loose on a dancefloor anthem, Boss has a knack for capturing the essence of the moment and drawing you into his musical world.

“My Strongest Love,” sung by Boss Chaikamon and Noeul Nuttarat for the “Love in the Air” OST, is a sweet and tender ballad that celebrates the profound and unwavering love between two people. The song resonates with anyone who has found someone who makes them feel complete, supported, and eternally grateful. It’s a reminder that love can be a source of strength, a shield against challenges, and a beacon of hope in any storm.


Tilly Birds is a three-member male band comprised of Third, Billy, and Milo, under Gene Lab. The band name is a combination of Third and Billy’s names. They debuted on November 1, 2014, with the English digital single “Heart In A Cage”.

They will make you sweep into a whirlwind of raw vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and melodies that lodge themselves in your soul. Tilly Birds has a song for every mood, every twist and turn of life’s rollercoaster. They’re not shy about vulnerability, from the sting of heartbreak to the exhilaration of chasing dreams, and their music is a mirror reflecting the complexities of human experience with raw honesty. So, crank up the volume and prepare to be swept away by their emotional symphony – you won’t regret it.

“คิด(แต่ไม่)ถึง” (Same Page?) is a song released in 2021 as the theme song for the Thai BL series “Bad Buddy.” The song is about the bittersweet pain of unrequited love. Being still in love with someone, but you are no longer on the same page. The song’s lyrics are simple but powerful. It speaks to the experience of loving someone who doesn’t love you back, of unspoken words hanging heavy in the air, and the bittersweet ache of letting go. It’s a song for anyone who has ever stared at a blank phone screen, longing for a single notification, or whispered a name into the night, hoping it would be heard.


“Khwam Kid Thung Tee Chun Dai Khoei Song Pai Nai Kheun Tee Fon Proi Lhong Ma” (ความคิดถึงที่ฉันได้เคยส่งไปในคืนที่ฝนโปรยลงมา) is a collaboration special single by Three Man Down and Tilly Birds. It was released on June 2, 2020.

Tickets are available at LUVCON 2024 is brought to us by Wish Us Luck and GV99.1.


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