The Mic is On!: MAMAMOO “My Con” World Tour in Manila

In a dazzling showcase of talent and energy, MAMAMOO graced the stage of the Araneta Coliseum in Manila last February 12, 2023, for their ninth concert of the MAMAMOO WORLD TOUR “MY CON,” and the final Asia stop for this tour. This marked the seventh and final stop in the Asian leg of their tour, leaving fans in awe with an unforgettable performance.

The concert, presented by RBW and Wilbros Live, was a monumental success, selling out the iconic Araneta Coliseum, a testament to MAMAMOO’s global popularity.

Opening Acts

The concert kicked off with a bang as the crowd erupted in excitement for the opening performances. The lively energy of “1,2,3 Eoi!” set the tone, immediately followed by the iconic “Mr. Ambiguous,” captivating the audience from the very start.

A Journey Through MAMAMOO Hits

The group treated the audience to a mesmerizing medley, seamlessly blending classics and contemporary hits. The journey began with the enchanting “Um Oh Ah Yeh (Intro)” and moved through a diverse range of tracks, including “Freakin Shoes,” “New York,” “Dingga,” “Emotion,” “Funky Boy,” and “You’re the Best,” creating a nostalgic atmosphere that resonated with fans.

A Showcase of Individual Brilliance

MAMAMOO showcased the individual talents of each member through solo performances. Solar mesmerized the audience with “Water Color,” while Hwa Sa brought her unique style to the stage with “Eclipse.” Whee In captivated hearts with “HONEY,” and Moon Byul showcased her charisma in a stunning rendition of “TWIT.” The group then united for a powerful Group Solo Medley featuring “Spit it Out” (Solar), “Make Me Happy” (Whee In), “LUNATIC” (Moon Byul), and “Maria” (Hwa Sa).

Unforgettable Group Performances

The concert featured an array of group performances, including renditions of “Paint Me (Orchestra ver.),” “I Love Too,” “Star Wind Flower Sun,” “Decalcomanie 2021,” “HIP (Remix ver.),” “Egotistic (Blistering sun ver.),” “gogobebe (Rock ver.),” “Starry Night (Orchestra ver.),” and “Wind flower (Dramatic ver.),” captivating the audience with a harmonious blend of MAMAMOO’s diverse discography.

Encore: A Grand Finale

As the night reached its climax, MAMAMOO returned to the stage for an encore that left fans yearning for more. The encore featured performances of “Travel,” “Better,” and “Yes I am (Funk boost ver.),” ensuring an unforgettable conclusion to the night. The members took a moment to connect with their audience through heartfelt talks, sharing stories and expressing gratitude. The encore also included the memorable performances of “L.I.E.C” and a reprise of “Um Oh Ah Yeh 2021.”

The sold-out show at Araneta Coliseum showcased the group’s versatility, stage presence, and dedication to delivering an unforgettable experience to all Moo Moos. We can’t wait to see Mamamoo again in Manila!


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