Mark Siwat makes the crowd go wild as he dances to Kpop songs | Manila Fanmeeting Overview

Having a little bit of hangover from his recent Seoul fan meeting, multitalented actor, singer and dancer Mark Siwat, a famous Thai artist visits the Philippines to conduct his ‘My Turn: Mark Siwat 1st Live and Meet in Manila 2019’ at the Shaw Zentrum and made the crowd go wild as he welcomed everyone with a sexy Kpop dance performance, Thai and English songs and played games with his fans.

Here’s an overview of what transpired during the fan meeting:

As he enters the venue, he danced to Blackpink’s Ddu Ddu which totally surprised all the fans. In addition to that, he even performed Exo’s love shot. During the press conference, Mark also shared that despite being an actor, he is currently a university student but during his free time, he manages to watch Youtube videos and do dance practices and covers by himself.

Mark also is known as Kengkla of Love By Chance and as August of I am Your King held his first fan meeting at Shaw Zentrum last June 16, 2019. Aside from the perks given to ticket holders, lucky fans had the chance to interact with him on stage during the games, and Mark even granted three lucky fans’ wishes for a birthday greeting and the chance to take a photo with him.

Games were also played by the fans including the one which requires the players to copy poses that have been flashed on the screen. Mark even had a hard time choosing the winner for this particular game.

Meanwhile, if there’s something that’s gonna be every fangirl’s dream, it would be this staring game with Mark himself! He tries to make heart-melting eye contact and funny gestures so you’ll get distracted but all the fans got stronger courage to win the game! Game winners had the chance to score a signed poster from Mark Siwat!

Aside from his performances, he also went up on stage and ramped like a model as he wears traditional Filipino attire. Asked how he felt upon wearing the costume, he said he was glad to finally try this type of costume and show it to his fans on stage.

A successful video presentation together with a romantic black and yellow roses gift-giving to Mark whose on stage made the audience and Mark extremely touched. Following this is the fan signing and group photos to white, black and red ticket holders.

My Turn: Mark Siwat 1st Live and Meet in Manila 2019 is presented to you by Wish Us Luck (Philippines) in partnership with 2gether House (Thailand).

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