Minzy Ignites Manila With Electrifying Glee at The “Minzy Glee Tour” in Manila 2023

On the electrifying night as we close the summer season, K-pop sensation Minzy of 2ne1 took the stage at the iconic New Frontier Theater in Manila for her much-anticipated “Minzy Glee Asia Tour” in Manila.

The venue was pulsating with energy last June 4, 2023 as fans gathered to witness a night filled with mesmerizing performances and unforgettable moments.

The concert kicked off with a bang as Minzy opened with her hit track “Crush,” setting the tone for an evening of non-stop entertainment. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as she seamlessly transitioned into “Ninano” and “Fantabulous,” showcasing her dynamic stage presence and incredible vocal prowess.

One of the highlights of the night was Minzy’s medley of “All Of You Say,” “Savage,” and “On and On,” where she flawlessly covered these popular tracks. The audience couldn’t help but dance along, immersed in the infectious energy radiating from the stage.

As the night progressed, Minzy treated her fans to a nostalgic journey by performing the iconic 2NE1 hit “I Am The Best,” which elicited thunderous cheers from the crowd. The versatility of her performance was evident as she smoothly transitioned between various genres, captivating the audience with tracks like “Lovely,” a cover of “Me Gusta Tu,” a cover of GFriend’s song and the heartwarming 2ne1 song “Happy.”

Expressing her gratitude to the enthusiastic crowd, Minzy paused to share a heartfelt message: “I want to thank you so much for the enthusiastic support even though I came to see you late. I also thank you for always being on my side. I hope we can make wonderful and good memories too in the future. I love you all.”

The emotional connection between Minzy and her fans was palpable as she continued to deliver a soul-stirring rendition of “Flashlight” and the powerful anthem “Superwoman.” The setlist was a carefully curated mix of Minzy’s solo hits and well-loved covers, showcasing the breadth of her talent.

The concert reached its peak during the encore, where Minzy brought the house down with a medley of “I Am The Best” and “Go Away.” The audience, overwhelmed with joy, sang along and danced, creating an atmosphere of pure bliss. As the final notes resonated through the venue, Minzy bid farewell to her fans, expressing her love and gratitude once more. The show is presented by Neuwave Events and Production.


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