Lee Seung Gi greets Filipino Airens through a public press conference for "The Dreamer's Dream Chapter 2 in Manila"

The activity center of Market Market was filled with loud cheers as the fans of the multi-talented actor Lee Seung Gi greeted the media and fans through a public press conference for the Asia Tour Concert in Manila: The Dreamer’s Dream – Chapter 2 held last May 28, 2023.

Through a sit-down interview, Lee Seung Gi once again proved that he can easily capture the heart of everyone with his charismatic looks and unwavering love for his Airens with his most awaited comeback in Manila.

Is there a role that you wanted to play if ever you have a chance to?

“I wanted to play a role of a doctor. Also, in Korea, one of the famous genres is romantic comedy. I think the Philippines is a good country to shoot romantic comedy dramas so we can try that. For movies, I have acted in a movie I finished filming About Family, and it will premiere next year.”

Do you plan to release a new album, and are there future collaborations you want to work on soon?

“Next year, I’ll be releasing my album for my 20th-year anniversary. I’ll collaborate with many of my seniors and juniors (other artists) and producers, even with the most famous ones in Korea.”

Talking about your discography, is there a song that reflects Lee Seunggi?

“I have to say it’s the song “Delete.” And he gave a ‘sample’ when the fans asked him to sing.”

If you can give a message to your younger self, what would it be and why?

“I wanted to say to young Lee Seung Gi “Don’t be afraid.” When I was young, I was really afraid of challenging and trying new things. But I would like to say, don’t be afraid, try out and challenge your own.”

If the Philippines is to be included in the show Bro Marble, which landmarks and location would it be and why?

“Of course, the landmarks would be Manila. I also recently visited Ilocos and it is a really great spot to have a tour so if given a chance, I would recommend it.”

Your variety show Strong Heart is recently relaunched as the Strong Heart League, what can we expect from the show?

“It is a group talk show where we are sharing stories and inspirations so I think the fans will surely enjoy it.”

How does it feel to be reunited with Kang Ho Dong on the show?

“He was like my big brother and the chemistry is really great so even if we just look at each other, we already know what to do and we are trying to say so I am very happy.

At the moment, I have no upcoming projects yet but I wanted to meet the fans more often like now so I will try my best to meet the fans through a concert, a fan meet, or a drama and I will try to come here more often.”

What would be the defining moments of your career so far?

“I think after many things I am now involved in a new start at a new company. Before, all the things I have were in Korea. I just thought these international fans can now have a look at the concerts in Korea but now, I am trying to go abroad and meet Asia fans and other countries to show what I have prepared for them.

When a new trend comes in, I have to say there were things that changed. Without the coronavirus, I think we can meet more often online and offline.”

What was the most valuable lesson as an artist in your 20 years in the industry?

“I think the most important valuable lesson that I had is that you have to move instead of thinking so I would like to be in action and experience more things in entertainment.”

What is one fact that not many people know?

“I think I have shown my true self through variety shows so I think they already know everything about me.”

What is the best memory you recalled when you hear about Philippine Airen?

“The best memory that I have about Philippine Airen has the most fabulous letters. Every time I look at the letters, I could figure it out that it is from Philippine Airen right away so coming from their expressions and love, I could easily know it.”

What’s your message to your Philippine fans?

“First of all, “Namiss ko kayo.” I am happy to meet you like this today. I’ll be participating in more projects so I could meet you more often. The fans gladly answered back with “Namiss kita. Mahal kita.”

The 2023 “Lee Seung Gi Tour [The Boy Walks The Road – Chapter 2] is presented by CDM Entertainment and Humanmade.

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