NCT DOJAEJUNG holds their first Media Conference in Manila

NCT’s sub-unit DOJAEJUNG delighted the fans with their spectacular performances during their Manila tour for NCT DOJAEJUNG PERFUME Concert. The trio also shared with us their exciting experiences and thoughts about performing in Manila during their first media conference held in Glorietta Activity Center.

NCT DOJAEJUNG briefly shared their thoughts on their experiences working as a trio and the things they enjoyed in meeting the Philippine NCTzens:

You’ve been to the Philippines a number of times, are there places you want to see or food to try?
Jaehyun: I’ve tried Philippines spaghetti yesterday so I want to try halo-halo and lechon.

What can fans expect from NCT Dojaejung in the future?
Jungwoo: Maybe a concert? This is something I hope.

What did you feel when you first heard that you’ll be performing as NCT Dojaejung?
Doyoung: Of course, we were excited that we will be performing together but we also knew that the fans are more excited to see us.
Jaehyun: We were curious about the concept but I really wished to see the concept of our albums.
Jungwoo: When we first heard about it, we were very excited. To think that we will be performing together as a trio made us all feel excited.

You’ve had your concerts here before, to you what’s the most special that you’d want to return here?
Jaehyun: All the energy that the fans give is huge. This moment is one of the memories that we will remember when we come back.
Jungwoo: When I first met the Philippine fans, I think that they gave us so much warmth and happiness. This is the reason why I love to come back here and I am grateful for the opportunity to o it again.
Doyoung: I am thankful that I get to come back here again.

What is the most surprising thing that you learned from each other when you work as DOJAEJUNG?

Jungwoo: First of all, Doyoung is very detailed and he gives me a lot of opportunities. The best thing about him is that he buys me a lot of food. For Jaehyun, he is very detailed too. As a person, he is very sweet. He really takes care of me as a younger sibling. He would call me every day to ask me what I am doing and he would often buy me delicious food.

Jaehyun: What I found out about Doyoung yesterday is that he really likes swimming. Before even coming here, when we were on our flight, he asked me if we have (swimming) suits and he was very excited to swim. On Jungwoo, he really likes local food, and we always try different local food every time we visit a country.

Doyoung: Even before, I already knew that Jaehyun and Jungwoo are wonderful singers but during the preparation of Perfume album, I found out that they are truly wonderful singers and the concept of the album fits them well.

How was the experience doing the album promotions with just the three of you?

Jungwoo: Through Dojaejung, we get to learn more about each other. That allowed me to feel that we are more of a family.

DOJAEJUNG also thanked the fans who supported them at the concert and also showed their support at the media conference. The group held their NCT Dojaejung in Manila concert a day before the media conference. This event is brought to us by AyalaMalls and Glorietta.


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