Harmonious Memories: NCT DoJaeJung’s Manila Fancon Unveils a “Scented Symphony”

Manila, Philippines – The NCT sub-unit, NCT DoJaeJung, recently graced the stage of MOA Arena last June 24 with “NCT DoJaeJung’s Scented Symphony: Perfume Fancon” in Manila.

The concert was a celebration of music, and the undeniable connection between the group and their beloved Czennies. The night was filled with electrifying performances, playful interactions, and even some hints at the members’ curiosity about Filipino food.

Craving Halo-Halo: A Filipino Food Adventure Beckons

One of the standout moments of the night was when the members playfully teased their Filipino fans by expressing their desire to try local delicacies. The members took a moment to share their thoughts on Filipino food.

Surprisingly, they admitted that they hadn’t explored much of the country’s culinary delights but expressed a keen interest in trying two Filipino favorites: halo-halo and lechon. The audience erupted in cheers at the revelation, and the promise to delve into Filipino cuisine only added to the excitement of the night.

KISSing the Stage

The concert showcased the group’s versatility with a lineup that included hits like “Perfume”, “Kiss” and “Can We Go Back.” The energy in the venue soared as NCT DoJaeJung took the audience on a musical rollercoaster, transitioning seamlessly from the dreamy vibes of “Strawberry Sunday” to the upbeat rhythm of “Ordinary.” The highlight, however, was their performance of “DIVE,” which left the crowd chanting for an encore.

Charades, Polaroids, and Denim: A Night of Playfulness

Adding an interactive touch to the concert, NCT DoJaeJung engaged with their fans in a game of charades, promising a signed polaroid for the lucky winners. The members, dressed in trendy denim outfits, brought a playful and laid-back vibe to the stage, creating a unique connection with their audience.

Heartfelt Letters to Czennies from Doyoung, Jaehyun, and Jungwoo

Amidst the pulsating beats and dazzling lights, the members took a moment to connect with their Filipino Czennies through heartfelt letters. Jungwoo expressed gratitude for the warm welcome, sharing his excitement about being back in the Philippines.


Hello~ This is Jungwoo 🙂
It’s so meaningful and I am so happy to meet Philippine Czennies!! We always want to give you happiness and joy to all of you. We hope you always cheer up after watching us. More than anything, since it’s been a while since I came to the Philippines, we’ll show you a great performance~

Thank you so much for always supporting us and also I will always do my best~ Thank you for waiting for us and please continue to support us. You guys are always shining~ Don’t forget. :)”

– Jungwoo

Jaehyun conveyed his love and appreciation for the fans, emphasizing the joy he finds in creating music and performing on the vibrant Filipino stage.

“To NCTzens,
Thank you all the Czennies here for taking the time to come here today. I appreciate it dearly and I love you all.

It’s been a long time since I came to the Philippines. it’s so enjoyable to be here again. Thanks to all of you, I can enjoy making music and believe that I can perform on stages like this as well. I’m looking forward to the time we will spend together even more in the future.”

– With Love, Jaehyun

Doyoung, visibly thrilled about the concert, expressed his happiness at meeting the fans in such a fantastic setting, marking the event as NCT DoJaeJung’s first fan concert.


Hello!! This is Doyoung!!
I am really really happy to meet you guys in such a good place!! This is our first fan concert as NCT Dojaejung. We are very excited haha. Let’s have a great time today~ DJJ Let’s go!

– Doyoung

As the night came to a close, the echoes of cheers and the memories created during NCT DoJaeJung’s Manila concert lingered in the hearts of the Czennies. The show is presented by Ovation Productions and Viu Philippines.

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