“Guess!”: Onew’s Playful Personality Shines at “Guess!” Fanmeeting in Manila

On July 4th, SHINee’s Onew delighted fans with his first-ever fan meeting, aptly titled “Guess!” Held at the New Frontier Theater, L-Squared Productions prepared an event filled with successful and unexpected moments that showcased Onew’s friendly and extroverted personality. The title “Guess” perfectly reflected the playful and spontaneous nature of the event, which focused on Onew’s interactions with fans and his willingness to share his thoughts and feelings.

This event was especially exciting because it marked Onew’s return to the Philippines after six long years. The excitement and anticipation were high, and Onew did not disappoint, making the wait worthwhile. Onew shared that he wanted to meet his fans in different countries and also chose Manila to visit.

The fanmeet included various interactive games, one of which had Onew drawing famous places in the Philippines. Among the locations was Bohol, known for its unique Chocolate Hills. However, when Onew saw the picture, he responded with a playful twist, saying, “So it’s matcha chocolate now, haha!”

Onew and his fans also played a game where they had to guess his favorite outfit, song, and more. The game added an extra layer of excitement and engagement, as fans eagerly participated and tried to guess Onew’s preferences.

Onew also impressed everyone by using some Filipino phrases he had learned, such as “jojowain”, “pogi ako” , and “pakiss ako”. Each phrase was met with loud cheers and applause, showing the strong bond between Onew and his Filipino fans.

The lighthearted atmosphere continued with more activities. One memorable moment was when Onew tried a piece of dried mango from Cebu, a popular treat in the Philippines. With his usual charm, Onew joked, “It tastes like mango!” The audience’s laughter filled the venue, reflecting the warmth and joy Onew brought to the event.

Onew’s fanmeet “Guess” was a perfect mix of humor, interaction, and genuine connection, leaving Jjinggu’s and PH shawols with cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for their beloved idol. His ability to connect with his audience, along with his natural charm, made the evening unforgettable for everyone present. The six-year wait was undoubtedly worth it, as Onew’s return to the Philippines was celebrated with great enthusiasm and love.

Written By: Ahn


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