Our Favorite moments at 2023 Han Seung Woo Asia Tour Special Live “One” in Manila

Han Seung Woo, Victon member and former X1 member, made his way to Manila last August 20, 2023 for the ONE step closer to his fans, HAN_As. This is also the last leg of his 2023 Han Seung Woo Asia Tour Special Live <ONE> tour where Manila is not initially included in the Asia tour list but later added as his last stop because many Filipino fans demanded to meet and see him perform live.

Dive Into Han Seung Woo

“Kamusta kayo?” in a very cute way before singing his lines of the first song – Intro and continued to hype the fans with Dive Into.

He then introduced himself and thanked Filipino HAN_As for becoming a part of his Asia tour. He greeted all the fans, went to every side of the stage, waved his hands and gave them his biggest smile which made the fans more reasons to go wild. Perfect for that moment, Seung Woo sang “Flutter”, another track from his comeback EP, Frame. He performed one of his jazz song, “Child” and serenaded us with “Dawn”.


During the TMI segment, he shared this thoughts about three important keywords for the show– Special, One and Last.

SPECIAL: HAN_As as well as every day of his life is special to him.
ONE: One superpower that he wants to posses if given a chance is to turn back the time because he wanted to perform all over again. He also showed his tattoo and dimple.
LAST: He said that Manila is the last stop for his Asia Tour and he wants to have the best night to make it a memorable one with the Filipino HAN_As. After the segment, he sang “Reply” through an energetic performance and left the stage which marks the end of the first half of the event.

He returned wearing an all black outfit in a heated stage for “Sacrifice”, a track from Frame, his 1st EP. Seung woo asked the fans to stand and begins to hype the crowd as he started singing “Runnin’ High”. He also sang “Burn” and “Lovelorn”. The venue became a party ground, vibin’ with the music. He even showed us the killing point of NewJeans’ Super Shy and it’s so unexpected!

A memorable night with Han Seung Woo

The crowd gets to take a photo with him to commemorate the night. He sat down on stage but a VCR prepared by the fanclub was played. Seung Woo thanked his HAN_As for becoming a part of his Special Live, the night is so meaningful to him and promised to return and meet everyone again. He took photos with HAN_As in all sides and said his final message and form a big heart with his arms.

“Mahal ko kayo, Salamat po! Being able to meet you guys made me so happy. So for the last song, I will give you “We loved each other”, Kita po tayo ulit!” – Han Seung Woo

This night is meaningful to all the Filipino HAN_As, ALICE and ONE ITs. It doesn’t matter in whatever era we first knew him. What matter the most is that we are here for our ONE and only captain, Han Seung Woo. Big thanks to Makeitlive for bringing Han Seung Woo closer to PH HAN_As!


Article: Denisse Pascual
Photos: Jessa Lacao


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