Our snack time at Let’s eat Kimbap in Cavite

What are your usual Korean snacks? For us, it would surely be tteokbokki, kimbap or noodles. We already outgrown the days wherein we eat junk food as snacks. 

These Korean snacks favorite give us an overview of the traditional Korean street food and Korean food favorites and we’re glad to share with you that there’s a nearby food joint in Dasmarinas that sells authentic ones. Here’s my review on Let’s eat Kimbap:


A small shop that could cater about 3 small groups or about 8 people comfortably. They have a huge television so you can watch Korean dramas while munching your food.

We’ve been amazed that there’s a screen on their second floor as floor, having the same show as the one that has been played on the first floor. They also have numerous Korean sayings posted on their walls.


Let’s eat Kimbap has traditional Korean restaurant favorites on their menu and that includes the ones we ordered. They also sell it at a much cheaper price compared to the regular market value. I’m also amazed to see that they have Samgyetang on their menu as well.

I love their Kimchi, it reminds me of my previous meals with my students from Gwangju but this is less spicier and I’m very happy about it. The owner/ the person in charge of handling the kitchen is a Filipina and we personally heard her speak in Korean! (with the accent I’ve been hoping for to achieve.) The other side dish is a soup. No wonder why she could create such a wonderful dish and bring it here in the Philippines.

We had Kimbap, mandu and Jjajangmyeon. Kimbap is the rice, vegetables (like carrots, yellow radish, cucumber), ham, crab sticks rolled together in seaweed wrap.

Mandu is the Korean style of steamed dumplings and Jjajangmyeon is a Chinese dish which has been famed in Korea and has been adopted by the country and turned into one of their favorites. It is a type of black bean noodle dish with some vegetables and meat.

The price of the food is just around 100-300 depending on the type of dish. For the not so common ones, it will range up to 500 but that’s already good for sharing! Also, there’s no service charge!


1. The place is just walking distance from SM Dasmarinas and Robinsons Dasmarinas but you may opt to ride jeep if you are being lazy to walk about three streets.

2. Orders for their amount is worth it! It’s good quality at a cheaper price.

3. You’ll be enjoying your snacks while watching Korean dramas!


Unit 9 amythys building metrogate estate sampaloc 1 palapala
Dasmariñas, Cavite


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