Jeju, South Korea: Howard Johnson Hotel

Our Jeju Island trip wouldn’t be so perfect if not for the accommodation. Howard Johnson Hotel is something to consider if you want an accessible and hassle-free hotel stay in Jeju Island.

I have to commend our hotel for the superb experience and experience. At first, I was a little bothered about the accommodation since when I searched it online, the only thing that google maps show is a vacant lot and I’m quite disappointed with that.

I just learned that the hotel was recently built so the one in google maps isn’t updated yet. It’s as good as how it looks like in their site! It’s just that I am quite messy with my stuff when I took photos.

Ella’s experience

Since it’s located in one of Jeju’s main streets, we can go out after our tour and roam around the place no matter how late it is. Yes, we were out even at around 1AM! Surprisingly, 90% of the shops are open at night! It’s super far from my expectations of Jeju as a ‘provincial’ type where people sleep early. (View from the street. The right side of the photo is the entrance of the hotel.)

Here’s how our beds look like. Our room is good for two people, with two beds and one full bath. The room got a huge mirror and television in front of the bed!!!

This one is the actual view when you look outside of the window. We are booked on the eight floor! Few blocks away, you can already see the sea!! The good thing about this hotel is that it’s accessible to the ‘new downtown of the city’ which means that shopping is just around the corner!

The food is served early for us since it was requested and it is always a breakfast buffet!!! These items are just some of the side dishes! Take note, there are lots of choices for this breakfast buffet, it’s just that I am too sleepy to eat, even though my plate still looks full!!! I love how fresh the seafood is in Jeju Island!

Experience wise, the funniest encounter I had during our stay is our first day in the bathroom. My friend and I both wishes to take a shower and pamper ourselves first but we ended up getting wet inside the bathroom while wearing clothes as we are both figuring out how the shower works, it took us about 15-20mins just to find out how cold and hot water would come out of the spray!! Also, this cutie control for the toilet made me study the Korean language inside the bathroom or else I might click random stuff! HAHA.


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