P-Pop Powerhouses YGIG and PLUUS Collide with Competing “Universe” Singles

The P-Pop landscape just witnessed a cosmic event of epic proportions! Powerhouse groups YGIG and PLUUS shook the fandom stratosphere with the back-to-back release of singles – both titled “Universe”! Buckle up, WeGos and SUMs, because this celestial clash is guaranteed to send you into a frenzy.

YGIG’s Universe: A Journey of Self-Discovery

YGIG’s “Universe” isn’t just another catchy tune; it’s a self-written anthem for individuality and self-love. This introspective track throws shade on the pressures to conform, urging listeners to embrace their unique quirks and shine brightly within their own personal “universe.”

Musically, YGIG takes listeners on a sonic journey with a blend of soft-pop, infectious dancehall rhythms, and soothing guitar melodies. “Universe” proves YGIG’s ever-evolving artistic identity, propelling them beyond their previous repertoire and leaving fans eager to explore what new galaxies they’ll conquer next.

PLUUS’ Universe: A Love Letter Wrapped in Dance Beats

PLUUS’ “Universe” offers a stark contrast, yet complements YGIG’s track perfectly. This infectious dance-pop song, with its minimalist soundscape punctuated by pulsating disco rhythm guitars, is a love letter to their devoted fanbase, SUM.

Crafted by the members themselves – Haro, Theo, JL, Yen, Justin, and Gab – the lyrics overflow with heartfelt appreciation. They paint a picture of SUM as the missing puzzle piece that completes their ideal paradise, their universe. The song eloquently expresses how the love and support of their fans can transform emptiness into a vibrant, harmonious whole.

SBTown Universe Tour: Taking the Universe On The Road

To celebrate the phenomenal launch of these cosmic singles, SBTown has masterminded the SBTown Universe Tour. This epic series of mall shows that kicked off last April 14th is giving WeGo and SUM a chance to experience the electrifying energy of YGIG and PLUUS live and up close in different cities across the country. The tour is currently ongoing, and with the immense buzz surrounding both “Universe” releases, expect even more dates to be added to the itinerary!

P-Pop on the Rise Recognizes Stellar Acts

The celestial glow of YGIG and PLUUS’ “Universe” hasn’t gone unnoticed. Both singles have been meteoric additions to the P-Pop On The Rise playlist on Spotify PH, solidifying their place among the hottest acts in the P-Pop galaxy. This recognition by a tastemaker platform like Spotify PH further cements YGIG and PLUUS’ status as major forces to be reckoned with in the P-Pop sphere.

So, WeGo and SUM fandoms, the choice is yours! Will you embark on a journey of self-discovery with YGIG or get swept away by PLUUS’ dynamic ode to their fans? One thing’s for certain: with both “Universe” singles lighting up the charts, the P-Pop universe is experiencing a big bang of epic proportions!


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