Park Eun Bin Gifts Fans With Newly Released Digital Single Album “Present”

The multitalented actress and singer, Park Eun Bin, delighted fans with a surprise release of her single album titled “Present.” This musical offering, featuring three tracks – “Do-Re-Mi-Fa,” “Into The Light,” and “Now,” serves as a heartfelt gift to those who embraced her performance in the tvN Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Castaway Diva’


“Do-Re-Mi-Fa,” transports listeners to the vibrant era of 90s Girl’s rock and roll. This upbeat anthem seamlessly blends striking drum beats, powerful guitar riffs, and cheerful piano notes, creating a sonic tapestry that mirrors the crooked yet hopeful world explored in the lyrics. Park Eun Bin’s energetic vocals, devoid of excessive technique, infuse the song with a contagious optimism, making it a celebration of moving towards the future and chasing dreams.

“Into The Light”

A Journey through Emotion “Into The Light” takes a detour into the medium-tempo electronic pop genre. The song kicks off with rhythmic drums and dreamy synth sounds, paving the way for an emotional ballad experience. The track stands out with its lyrical acoustic guitar melody and transparent string arrangements. Park Eun Bin’s pure voice and sophisticated expressiveness weave a captivating narrative, making “Into The Light” a standout piece in the album.


A Showcase of Artistic Depth The final track, “Now,” further showcases Park Eun Bin’s artistic depth. With the involvement of the talented production team, including Taibian, the producer of the ‘Castaway Diva’ OST, Dr. Ba$$, Kim Jeong-woo and Director Ahn, the album attains a level of completeness that elevates the listening experience. The blend of musical elements in “Now” offers an attractive composition, making it a fitting conclusion to the musical journey within “Present.”

‘2024 Eunbin Park FAN CONCERT <Eunbin Note: DIVA>.’

Namu Actors, Park Eun-bin’s agency, announced the release of the digital single album ahead of her fan concert. The songs from “Present” are set to be performed live for the first time during the ‘2024 Eunbin Park FAN CONCERT <Eunbin Note: DIVA>.’ Fans can anticipate a mesmerizing experience as Park Eun Bin shares the emotions embedded in the songs performed during her memorable role in ”Diva of the Desert Island.”Castaway Diva.’


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