Park Min Young Graces Manila With Her Royal Presence; MY Brand New Day Fanmeeting Press Conference

Filo MY Beans were delighted to meet South Korean actress Park Min Young for the first time in Manila last May 11 at the Market! Market! Activity Center for the “My Brand New Day in Manila” Fanmeeting press conference. This was the first time the actress visited the Philippines which was why everyone wanted a glimpse of her.

Park Min Young was able to answer the burning questions from the press with the help of host Ms. Sunny Kim. Another surprise for everyone is that she spoke in English as she answers the press. The event was presented by CDM Entertainment.

Min-young and Manila


Park Min Young wanted to teach her friends the Filipino phrase “Totoo ba?” because it sounds cute! Presented by @cdmentph #MyBrandNewDayMNL #ParkMinYoungInManila #ParkMinYoung

♬ original sound – Oppa is Life – Oppa is Life

Min Young admitted she didn’t have time to go outside and requested recommendations of
must-see attractions instead. She also shared her recently learned Tagalog phrase: “Totoo ba?”
She said she liked the sound of it and thought it was cute.

Beauty Tips 101

When asked what her tip was for maintaining her beauty, Min Young gave out 4 tips:
1. Drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated.
2. Put on a facial mask every day.
3. Try not to get too stressed.
4. Stay happy.

Marry My Husband’s success worldwide

Park Min Young has nothing but gratefulness when asked what she felt about the immense
success of her latest drama. “Marry My Husband” became the first K-drama to top Amazon Prime
Videos’ global viewership rankings in 110 regions.

“I think self-respect is the keyword. Ji-won from Marry My Husband could overcome her
weaknesses with this word. If you do that, you are more valuable than you think.” This was her
answer to another question about how women could overcome their weaknesses.

Diverse roles

Min Young said she couldn’t possibly pick only one memorable character out of all the roles she
played. These were her top 3 picks:

Kim Yoon-hee from Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Kim Mi-so from What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim
Kang Ji-won from Marry My Husband

“I had a hard time playing these characters, but it’s so meaningful to me. They all motivated me
to be better as an actor and as a human being also. They are so memorable for me.”

As for the character closest to her real personality, Min Young said that she is a combination of
many characters she played over the years. Rom-com is also the genre she’s most comfortable

Check out her message for Filipino MY BEANS!

“The highlight of my acting career is yet to come I think. I still have a lot of stories to tell, roles to
play, and messages to deliver. I think the best part of my acting career is not here yet.” MY Beans will be looking forward to your amazing work in the future. Until next time, we’ll be waiting for your return.

Written By: Nish Salvatierra
Photos: Jessa Lacao


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