Queen of Rom-Com Takes the Stage: Park Min Young Creates Unforgettable Moments for Filipino Fans

The Hallyu wave continues to take over the Philippines, and on May 12th, a tidal wave of love washed over the SM North EDSA Skydome in Manila. The source? The one and only Park Min Young, captivating audiences with her “My Brand New Day” Asia Fan Meeting.

For Filipino fans, affectionately called “My Beans,” this event was a dream come true. Park Min Young, the queen of rom-com dramas like “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”, “Her Private Life,” and her recent one “Marry My Husband” has finally graced them with her presence. She also held a press conference prior to her fanmeeting.

A Peek Behind the Curtain: Unveiling “Marry My Husband”

The night wasn’t just about meet-and-greet moments. Fans were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at Park Min Young’s latest hit drama, “Marry My Husband.” She candidly shared the challenges of filming the underwater scenes, leaving everyone in awe of her dedication. She also revealed the sacrifices she made for her character, Ji-won, including significant weight loss for the role.

More Than Just a Pretty Face: Insights into Park Min Young’s Acting Process

Beyond the glitz and glamor, Park Min Young offered a glimpse into her approach to acting. She mentioned how high ratings in the early episodes fuel her motivation, and her dedication to her craft shone through. The actress also surprised fans by revealing that her Judo experience from “City Hunter” came in handy for the fight scenes in “Marry My Husband.”

Unforgettable Fan Interactions and Games


Cute gifts from Park Min Young at the My Brand New Day in Manila 2024 #MyBrandNewDayMNL #ParkMinYoungInManila #ParkMinYoung #박민영

♬ Help Me – (G)I-DLE

The highlight of the evening for many fans was the chance to interact directly with Park Min Young. Lucky attendees got to reenact iconic scenes from her dramas, capturing the moment forever with polaroid photos. Others participated in fun and engaging games, like a balance challenge that tested their agility and brought laughter to the crowd.

A truly special moment was a fan winning a one-of-a-kind tote bag designed by Park Min Young herself, a unique souvenir to cherish. Aside from that, everyone brought home a photobook, photocards and a few more memorabilla from her.

A Heartfelt Connection with Filipino Fans

The emotional core of the event came in the form of a heartfelt letter from Park Min Young to her Filipino fans. She expressed her sincere apologies for the long wait, but assured them that her love for them has only grown stronger over time. Tears welled up in many eyes as she spoke about the unwavering support she receives from her “My Beans,” emphasizing how their love motivates her to constantly strive to be a better actress.

A Night of Performances and Surprises


“I can buy myself flowers” 🌸🌼🪷 Park Min Young My Brand New Day in Manila #MyBrandNewDayMNL #ParkMinYoungInManila #ParkMinYoung #박민영

♬ original sound – Oppa is Life – Oppa is Life

Park Min Young wasn’t just here to chat. She surprised the audience with her hidden talents, showcasing her impressive singing and dancing skills. The crowd erupted as she belted out the “Marry My Husband” OST “Bad Liar.” She then took things up a notch with captivating dance covers of Blackpink’s “You & Me” and Miley Cyrus’s “Flowers,” proving she’s a multi-talented force to be reckoned with. (Read more: Park Min Young dance covers)

A Promise to Return: A Night to Remember


Park Min Young performing You & Me at the MY Brand New Day Fanmeeting in Manila #MyBrandNewDayMNL #ParkMinYoungInManila #ParkMinYoung #박민영

♬ original sound – Oppa is Life – Oppa is Life

As the evening drew to a close, Park Min Young left a lasting impression. She promised her Filipino fans that she wouldn’t just become a better actress, but that she would also return to the Philippines soon. The “My Brand New Day” fan meeting was more than just a meet-and-greet; it was a night filled with laughter, tears, and a heartwarming connection between an actress and her devoted fans. The memories made at the SM North EDSA Skydome will undoubtedly stay with Filipino “My Beans” for years to come.

Written By: Mikhaela Javier and Regine Monsanto


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