PLUUS: The Rising Star of PPOP

Hailing from the Philippines, PLUUS is a six-member boy group ready to take the P-Pop scene by storm. Debuting on March 31, 2023, under SBTown, the group honed their skills for four years at SBTalent Camp. Their energetic and catchy music is sure to get you moving, but PLUUS is about more than just providing a good beat.

A Name that Reflects a Journey

Their name itself reflects this, combining “plus” and “us” to symbolize a journey together. PLUUS emphasizes the importance of their connection with their fans, promising to be a constant positive force and to “add good things” to their lives. The group consists of GAB, THEO, JUSTIN, YEN, HARO, and JL. gives a message of unity and growth resonates with fans, creating a strong bond from the very beginning.

Early Success with Debut Mini-Album

SBTown, the talent agency behind the phenomenal P-Pop boy group SB19, clearly saw the potential in PLUUS. Their debut mini-album, “+.Y.M,” showcased their versatility with three distinct tracks:

  • “Amigo” – An upbeat and friendly song and an anthem for newfound friendships.

  • “My Time” – A declaration of confidence and individuality, a powerful statement for young fans to embrace who they are.
  • “Cross My Heart” – A sweet and sentimental ballad that showcases their vocal prowess and ability to deliver heartfelt emotions.

This debut not only demonstrated their musical range but also established their ability to connect with fans on different emotional levels.

The Growing Fanbase

PLUUS’s repertoire has since grown to include tracks like “Universe” and “Shining Star,” further demonstrating their musical range. These newer songs explore themes of love, hope, and pursuing dreams, solidifying their connection with fans who find solace and inspiration in their music.

A Group to Watch

With their talent, dedication, and strong bond with their fans, PLUUS is a group to watch in the exciting world of P-Pop. Keep an eye out for future releases and watch as they continue to grow and evolve. They are sure to leave their mark on the industry and continue to add positivity to the lives of their fans.

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