K-Cafe Krawl: Purple 7 Cafe

I just recently visited one of the biggest Kpop store and café in Manila, the Purple 7 Cafe is also home to BTS merchandise and a favorite spot of cup sleeve events.

Situated in the heart of Tomas Morato in Quezon City, the four-story building is home to official and fan-made merchandise. As an ARMY, you get a walk-through of BTS’ discography and there are a number of spots that’s insta-worthy.

Merchandise store

This is truly a “home of BTS” having a wide range of BTS merchandise from albums, official items and even fan-made collectibles as well. They also have bags, shirts, cushions and more!

Mi Casa BTS-themed cafe

Can be easily coined as “The House of BTS” in Manila, the space could gather numerous fans at the same time. The first floor is designed to shop BTS merchandise while the second floor has a few photo stops. Even their stairs feature individual albums of the members.

The second floor is designed for numerous photo spots with life-size standees and background!

The third and fourth floors are perfect for fan gatherings and cupsleeve events but on a regular day, they are a regular cafe where you can order milk teas, coffee and meals. Despite being the dining area, the cafe didn’t fail to make it aesthetic and IG-worthy!

They also have a fourth floor dining with bigger space to cater more fans and customers. What I love about the 4th floor is that they have a mini stage with the letters BTS. Aside from that, I saw some photo displays of the owner during a fansigning event with BTS. This is truly owned by legit ARMY.

It was not open when I visited but the staffs are nice enough to allow me to take photos upstairs. I am also surprised to see an elevator inside the cafe though it is really useful since the dining is at the higher floors.

A hub for ARMYs

We only had take-outs when we visited but I’m pretty sure, I’ll comeback here again to check more of their food selection. As well, I’ll probably bring some of my ARMY friends when I visit again. Meanwhile, you can check their menu and promos here: Purple 7 Cafe.

Article and photos: Mikhaela Javier


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