Thai artist Fourth Nattawat and SB19’s Josh Cullen headlines The Filipino Festival

A month-long celebration of culture, fashion and entertainment in the Philippines, The Filipino Festival is one of the major segments at the Mister Pilipinas Worldwide and The Miss Philippines 2023 finals.

The celebration concluded with a huge festive night of pageantry, musical performances and awarding ceremony last October 24 at the MOA Arena.

The Filipino Festival showcases the talents of songwriters, filmmakers, and fashion designers with its month-long run of activities including fashion show, music nights and pageants. This is also a competition for local musicians as well. Aside from that, the organizer Empire Philippines describes this event as a celebration of “everything Filipino” including food, arts, crafts and music.

The finale of The Filipino Festival invited fan-favorite acts including Fourth Nattawat of the Thai hit series “My School President” and “F4 Thailand“. He recently released his song “Please Be Mine,” which is also one of the three performances he showcased for this event. He also performed a cover of the song “Sweet but Naughty” originally sang by Fluke Gawin and “Give Me Your Forever” of Zack Tabudlo.

Aside from Fourth Nattawat, the festival also featured Filipino artists including SB19’s Josh Cullen and Sam Concepcion. Josh Cullen performed his songs highlighted by his hit single “Wild Tonight.”

Fourth Nattawat’s appearance at The Filipino Festival is brought to us by CDM Entertainment.

Article: Charlene Caderao and Mikhaela Javier


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