The Fangirl’s Guide to Excuses: Why You Might Miss Your Idol’s Event

Being a fangirl is tough. You love your idol with all your heart, but sometimes, real life gets in the way. Here are some of the top excuses every fangirl has used (or will use) to explain why they can’t make it to the next big event:

  • The Classic: “Ticket Prices Are Brutal.” Let’s face it, concerts and fan meetings ain’t cheap. Especially for students and young professionals, saving up for those expensive tickets can be a struggle.
  • The Long-Distance Struggle: “Venue’s Too Far, Flights Cost Extra.” For fans who live outside the main city, the cost of travel can be just as much as the ticket itself. Sometimes, seeing your idol live means sacrificing a trip to their home turf.
  • The Parental Hurdle: “My Parents Just Say No.” Strict parents can be a real buzzkill. They might see concerts as a waste of money or worry about their child’s safety in a crowded venue.
  • The Busy Bee: “My Schedule is Crazy.” Students with exams or working adults with deadlines often have to miss out on events due to scheduling conflicts. There’s always the dream of catching them live someday, though!
  • Can’t Breathe! “Crowded Places Give Me Anxiety.” Standing room only concerts can be a nightmare for anyone who feels claustrophobic. Sometimes, an idol’s gotta be enjoyed from the comfort of your couch.
  • The Power of Friendship: “My Fangirling Crew Ditched Me.” Concerts are so much more fun with friends to scream and sing along with. Missing out on the group experience can be a major reason to skip the event.
  • Snooze You Lose: “Sold Out Before I Even Woke Up.” This is a harsh reality for many fans. Especially for popular artists, tickets can disappear faster than you can say “fangirling.”
  • Sibling Duty: “Someone’s Gotta Watch the Little Monster.” For those with younger siblings, finding childcare for a concert can be a logistical nightmare.
  • The Multifandom Dilemma: “Another Group is Coming Too! Decisions, Decisions…” Being a fan of multiple groups can put a strain on your wallet. Sometimes, tough choices have to be made!
  • The Reality Check: “Adulting is Hard.” As we get older, responsibilities pile up. Bills need paying, groceries need buying, and sometimes, there’s just no room in the budget for a concert ticket.

So there you have it, fangirls! We’ve all been there. Remember, there’s always a next time. Now, let’s hear yours! Share your best excuse for missing an event in the comments below!


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