Slowly Going Back to Events Volunteering: Everyone’s Kpop in Manila 2023

“It’s been a while. It feels good to be back.”

That’s what I felt when I got my volunteer ID for Everyone’s Kpop. When the coliseums and arenas opened its doors to events again last 2022, it’s safe to say that I’ve spent more than a hundred days in a year at press conferences, fanmeets, concerts and events but I never really had the chance to volunteer as staff once again.

As a Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCC PH) “The Krew,” I used to be an active volunteer since 2016 until 2019 when I got busier at work. This year, I decided to renew my status in the program and now, I got to write for their blog once again. Aside from that, I finally volunteered for on-site events.

One thing that I totally miss in events is working with familiar and new faces. Being an events volunteer helped me overcome some of my shy moments as an introvert who wouldn’t really speak if people wouldn’t approach me first.

Behind the scenes

One of my favorite part of being an events volunteer is working behind the scenes. It’s a different point-of-view if you are at the backstage and you see people performing on-stage. People watching is one of the things that I badly enjoy doing and seeing everyone’s expression as they watch whoever is on stage makes me happy and excited at the same time.

Aside from the onstage activities, attendees and mallgoers are free to roam around to check the booths, participate in stamping activities, take pics at the photo wall, vote for their favorite 4th gen groups and more.

What has changed?

It wasn’t as crazy and tiring as it is before but it is definitely not the same excitement that I am looking for. I’m not sure how exactly I could describe it but I just felt that I have too much expectations and the event didn’t deliver. Maybe because I’ve outgrown gatherings like this already but I could feel that the spirit of “Kpop fandom” is still there.

Still, I am glad to meet the familiar faces that I grew up with. I am always excited to meet my friends and attending events like this means meeting up with them than actually enjoying the event itself. It’s cute how we talk about the old times as if years didn’t pass since we last met. I have friends whom I can only meet during gatherings so when I was younger, I always sign-up for volunteering events just so I could meet them.

What’s the point of volunteering?

I think aside from “helping out/ volunteering”, the experience itself is priceless. You meet people who become your friends and family. You learn a lot in the process and at the end of the day, you might feel exhausted but you are truly fulfilled.

Everyone’s Kpop in Manila is hosted by Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines and Philippine Kpop Convention Inc.

Article and photos: Mikhaela Javier


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