Still Grooving to HYBS: A Look Back at Their Memorable Music

Though HYBS may have gone their separate ways, their music’s infectious energy and heartfelt lyrics continue to resonate with fans. Whether you’re cruising through the city at night or need a pick-me-up while studying, HYBS has a song for every mood.

Reunited by fate and a shared love for music, HYBS (Alyn Wee & Karn Kasidej) emerged from Bangkok. These long-lost friends, reconnecting after eight years apart, poured their stories and memories into smooth Pop/R&B tunes. Layered with meticulous sound design, their music creates a signature HYBS vibe that’s both nostalgic and undeniably catchy.

Here’s a list of some of their top tracks to add to your playlist that’s been constantly on loop in my playlist ever since:

Tip Toe

This song best defined as infectious dance track with a playful wink explodes with a funky bassline and shimmering synths, daring you not to move your feet. The playful lyrics about sneaking out for an adventure add a touch of lighthearted fun, making it the perfect anthem for letting loose with friends.


Settle in for a smooth sonic journey with “Ride.” This R&B-influenced track features Alyn and Karn’s silky vocals gliding over a laid-back beat. The lyrics paint a picture of cruising down city streets with the windows down, making it ideal for late-night drives or creating a chill atmosphere for studying or relaxing.

Dancing with my phone

Hitting shuffle on your phone and getting swept away by a song? HYBS’s “Dancing with my phone” perfectly captures that experience. With relatable lyrics and a playful melody, the song explores that feeling when a random tune sparks a memory of someone special. Add in the simple-yet-charming music video, and you’ve got a relatable anthem for anyone who’s ever gotten lost in their phone while daydreaming about a crush.

Would You Mind

“Would You Mind” by HYBS is a stripped-down ballad that lets Alyn and Karn’s raw emotions shine. The song delves into love, vulnerability, and the nerve it takes to ask for what you truly desire in a relationship. It’s perfect for slow dancing with your sweetheart or simply taking a moment to reflect on your own feelings.


Forget the usual love song tropes! HYBS’s “Killer” flips the script with a music video that leans into thriller-crime horror territory. While the music itself might be smooth and mellow, the lyrics paint a darker picture. This unexpected contrast creates a captivating experience that will leave you wanting more.

Run Away

Sometimes you just need to break free from the routine and chase your dreams. “Run Away” captures that yearning for escape with its soaring melody and passionate lyrics. This song is perfect for anyone who needs a reminder to follow their heart and chase their goals.

Go Higher

No room for bad thoughts around. Feeling stuck? “Go Higher” will get you back on track. This inspiring anthem is packed with positive energy and motivational lyrics, urging you to keep pushing forward and never give up on your dreams. Crank up the volume and let the powerful message of “Go Higher” fuel your ambition.


Forget the expectations, it’s time to live your best life! “Rockstar” is a high-energy track that celebrates individuality and embracing who you are. The pulsating beat and anthemic chorus will have you feeling like a rockstar, ready to take on the world with confidence and a touch of rebellion.

Prettiest To Me

Let your special someone know just how much they mean to you. “Prettiest To Me” is a tender and heartfelt song filled with beautiful lyrics that express love and appreciation. The sweet melody and gentle vocals create a romantic atmosphere, perfect for a special occasion or simply reminding your partner how much they are loved.

I’m Blessed

Take a moment to reflect on the good things in life, big or small. “I’m Blessed” is a heartwarming song with a message of gratitude. The sincere lyrics and gentle melody create a reflective mood, reminding us to appreciate all that we have.

Let It Rain

While HYBS may have disbanded, their collaboration with Indonesian singer-songwriter GANGGA, “Let it Rain,” is a feel-good bop perfect for anyone facing tough times. With catchy lyrics about finding joy even amidst bad luck, the song encourages embracing the rain (both literal and metaphorical) and finding the positive side.


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