Korean School and Student Theme Films To Add On Your Watch List

Wanna go back to the feeling of being a high school student? Planning to get inspired over the weekend before going back to school? Here are some of our favorite Korean student theme films that we recommend you to watch: 

Well, these are just some of our faves just in case you wish to get motivated for face-to-face classes. Have you seen some on our list?

Goodbye Summer


One as Hyun Jae
Kim Bo Ra as Soo Min
Lee Do Ha as Byung Jae
Lee Gun Woo as Ji Hoon

 ‘Goodbye Summer’ is a high school-themed melodrama that circulates in the story of Hyun Jae, a 19-year old student who is suffering from a terminal illness is receiving treatments at the hospital. He decided to hide his illness and went back to school and worked hard to ace good grades. In school, he met a girl named Soo Min who belongs to the top tier in school. 

When Soo Min learned about Hyun Jae’s illness. When the closest people to Hyun Jae also knew about his illness, they changed their treatment to Hyun Jae making things more complicated for him.

Student A


Kim Hwan Hee as Jang Mi Rae
Suho as Jae Hee
Jung Da Bin as Baek Hab

Student A is a film based on the webtoon “Yeojoongsaeng A” featuring the story of Jang Mi Rae, a middle student who works as a student library assistant and lives like an outcast in school. She’s been suffering from numerous unwanted school circumstances and worse is that she has to live with her alcoholic father. 

The only way that Mi Rae enjoys life is through online games and literary writing. However, she got involved with a disciplinary issue when someone else claimed her writing. In addition, she met a popular student Baek Hab who gave an intent to be friends with her and has become friendly with a guy he met through online games and has a hobby of wearing mascot attires and giving away free hugs.

My Little Bride


Moon Geun Young as Seo Bo Eun
Kim Rae Won as Park Sang Min
Park Jin Woo as Jung Woo

A romantic comedy-drama film that features the story of Bo Eun, a student who is about to graduate in high school and preparing for SAT and shows too much affection to her crush Jung Woo who is a baseball team ace player. 

She meets a teacher Sang Min and they were arranged for marriage despite the age difference. At the same time, Sang Min will be transferred to work in Bo Eun’s school as their art teacher. As she is still a high school student and there’s a lot to work on their relationship, they decided to hide their relationship in school so Bo Eun pretended to live a single life still showing her affection to Jung Woo.

On Your Wedding Day


Park Bo Young as Seung Hee
Kim Young Kwang as Woo Yeon

Woo Yeon is your typical hot-blooded junior high school student who enjoys picking up a fight with people and would often skip school classes and activities. He’s not the type of student who is interested in studying at all. As he plays around the vicinity of his school, he met a transfer student Seung Hee who is not interested in him at all.

However, he decided to pretend on dating Woo Yeon to avoid other guys in school. Seung Hee also made Woo Yeon stop fooling around and fighting. It was all a relationship that everyone dreamt of until Seung Hee decided to leave Woo Yeon without notice. A year after, they meet again and that’s when Seung Hee is already a student in a university in Seoul and Woo Yeon works in a chicken restaurant.

Hot Young Bloods


Park Bo Young as Young Sook
Lee Jong Suk as Joong Gil
Lee Se Young as So Hee
Kim Young Kwang as Gwang Sik

The film ‘Hot Young Bloods’ shows the fire of students’ youth as they showcase the love interests, rivalries, friendships, and power of high school students in the 1980s. The film is situated in Heongseong and featured the existence of gangs in the past especially Young Sook who is a leader of a high school gang but hides numerous fears. She also got feelings for Joong Gil who is known to be a playboy in school.

Despite the show of interest, Young Sook fails to win the heart of Joong Gil as he knows that Gwang Sik, a leader of another school’s gang takes her as his woman. Meanwhile, as a new girl arrives at school, Joong Gil eventually fell in love with her but Young Sook tries to find a way to stop them causing the fire to start between the gangs.

The Dude in Me


Park Sung Woong as Jang Pan Soo
Jin Young as Kim Dong Hyun
Ra Mi Ran as Oh Mi Sun
Lee Soo Min as Oh Hyun Jung
Lee Joon Hyuk as Man Chul


Dong Hyun, a high school student fell from a building after an incident of bullying in school. From the rooftop where he fell, he bumped into a man named Pan Soo who is a member of an organized crime syndicate. When both of them got hospitalized, the two men switched bodies and that’s when things changed for Dong Hyun. This is also when Pan Soo finds out the truth about his family.

What’s currently on your watch list? Have you watched the ones on our list? Recommend some of your favorite films in the comment section!


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