SORN’s 1st Solo Concert: Nirvana Girl in Singapore

SORN’s 1st Solo Concert: “Nirvana Girl” in Singapore showcased SORN’s outstanding music journey in the industry with a decade worth of her experience as a CLC member and a solo performer.

Held at the Capitol Theater Singapore last November 25, 2023, SORN (Chonnasorn Sajakul) opened the show with performances of “Sharp Objects”, “Scorpio,” “Run,” and “Cold Like Snow.”

Maintaining the hype from the crowd, SORN also performed some of her best hits including “Save Me”, “No”, “Black Dress”, “Hobgoblin” and “Helicopter.” Fans are truly blessed with Sorn’s outstanding visual and voice as she takes over the stage that night.

A message for Sorn

Through a surprise video message, CLC members Seunghee, Yujin, Seungyeon and Yeeun congratulated Sorn on her first solo concert.

“We all used to stand on stage together. But now you are on stage alone, the burden must be heavy. So everyone, have fun and enjoy! Sorn, we are proud of you. Congratulations!

We’d be grateful if you scream louder for her to give her more energy. Sorn worked really hard to prepare for this concert. So I hope everyone has a great time today! Fighting Sorn! We are really proud of you. Let’s meet in Korea!”

– CLC Members

Aside from her group CLC, Hongseok of Pentagon also appeared on the screen to congratulate Sorn on her first concert.

“I really wanted to go there. I really wanted to because I have a lot of memories in Singapore. I really wish I could be there but due to schedules, I couldn’t. Anyway, congratulations on your first concert and enjoy tonight’s show!”

– Hongseok of Pentagon

Singapore fans also prepared banners and video fan project for Sorn.

“I didn’t have the courage to do it because I think people would come and watch me. But I am just so happy that everyone’s here tonight. Not just my family and friends but you guys who’ve been supporting me for the longest time.

I know there are people here whose been here since Day 1 and when I’m with CLC, and those people who got dragged here by their friends and family. Thank you for sacrificing your Sunday night to see me. For those who came overseas, thank you for coming to see me here.”

– Sorn during her final ment

Fans also had the chance to win signed merchandise from Sorn and numerous fan benefits including photo-op on stage followed after the show. SORN’s 1st Solo Concert: Nirvana Girl in Singapore is presented by VIU Scream Dates (Singapore) and Wild Entertainment.


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