The fallacies of 'Anna' | Drama Review

How far are you willing to twist the truth to reach the top? I came across Coupang Play’s new drama ‘Anna’ starring Bae Suzy and I am sharing with you how much I loved it. 

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you are probably aware that I am not much a fan of this genre but this drama deserves that one-sitting binge-watch kind of moment.


Bae Suzy as Lee Yu Mi
Jung Eun Chae as Lee Hyun Joo
Kim Joon Han as Choi Ji Hoon
Park Soo Yeon as Secretary Cho Yu Mi
Kim Jung Young as Yoon Hong Ju
Park Ye Young as Han Ji Won


A simple lie started it all. Lee Yu Mi’s simple life in high school changed when she got involved in a school incident that forced her to transfer to another school. Because of it, her grades, being the top student, dropped down to the bottom. She entered university and continued to live a life trying to survive as she sees a lot of students her age living their best life.

Wanting to break free from poverty, she left school and her part-time job. She decided to fool one of her classmates but ended up getting caught. Still, Yu Mi is eager to live a life far from her current situation. Thus, she continued creating a persona she never was.

At present, Yu Mi lives as Anna, a wife to an ambitious man Choi Ji Hoon, who is pursuing his goal to become Seoul’s mayor. Living as Lee Anna, a stolen identity, she meets one of the people who haunt her in the past. Now, it’s time for Lee Yu Mi to face reality– far from the ‘kind, honest, and rich’ persona everyone admired.

The gap between the rich and the poor

In a six-episode drama, you get to see the huge wall dividing the rich and the poor in a first-world country. The rich hold the power and the poor will remain poor for as long as they live. Comparing it to the current state of people in 2022, the reality of life slaps you so hard that there are no easy shortcuts to reaching the top of the social pyramid if you belong to the bottom.

Climbing the social ladder

In a snap, life turned so well for Yu Mi. Her new life as Lee Anna made her jump from the lowest part of her social status up to the tip of the pyramid where only the rich of the richest are. Her name gave her a free pass to all the luxurious things only one could wish for. Plus, she earned herself a husband to whom everyone bows down.

Stolen Identity

I have seen a lot of dramas with stolen identities but this drama hits different. This is the kind of drama that there’s satisfaction in terms of Yu Mi taking the name ‘Anna,’ even if we know that it is illegal and totally dishonest.

It’s cool how the writer and director really lead the audience to a ‘sweet revenge’ that we’ve all been looking forward to. Yet, every episode, they reveal a certain portion of ‘Anna’ that we don’t expect to see.

The truth won’t set you free

Yu Mi deserves the world. But the world is always against Yu Mi. Thus, she has to live the life pre-destined for her. However, Yu Mi’s decision is pretty straightforward– she wanted her poverty and sufferings to end–making everything complicated. Thus, the truth, once revealed will put her back to the misery she used to live in.


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