Unboxing | McDonald's Philippines Flavors of Asia Kit

It’s my birth month and I am so glad that McDonald’s Philippines released the Flavors of Asia menu this March where they gave us a cross-over of the Japanese and Korean menu, two of my favorite Asian flavors! As well, they got me a super special kit with the pink and purple color that screams the colors of ‘Oppa Is Life.’

Before I give you a peek at the kit, here’s a rundown of the 2022 Mcdo Flavors of Asia:

Japan-inspired menu: 

Ebi Burger
Matcha Ice Cream (Green Tea Ice Cream)
Nori Shake Shake Fries

Korean-inspired menu:

K-Chicken Burger
Strawberry Banana Ice Cream
Honey Butter Shake Shake Fries

The verdict

Burgers: I must say I have a bias for Korean food so I am looking forward more to the K-inspired menu but I love both the K-Chicken burger and the Ebi burger. This is just a menu that only did a ‘comeback’ but I only tried the Ebi burger now. 

My dad also loved it as well! The K-chicken burger has a little spicy kick on its sauce and it worked well with the lettuce and the chicken. Too bad, I already ate the ebi burger so I don’t have a photo.

The ebi burger is a tempura-coated patty with Thousand Island sauce and lettuce while the K-Chicken Burger contains the crispy-fried chicken filet with creamy cheddar cheese. The sauce contains kimchi and gochujang dressing as well.

Fries: I’ve tried both before and still proffered the plain Mcdo fries. So when I tried it this time, I decided to try mixing the nori and the honey butter shake shake fries powder together with the two medium fries and I loved the result. It has a sweet from the honey butter powder and a little salty balance from the Nori powder.

Ice Cream: As a fan of strawberry banana and matcha ice cream, you can expect me to order this randomly any time of the day. This is just something you’ll hope Mcdo will add to their regular menu. Plus, don’t forget that it is also a good dip for your fries!

Now it’s time to unbox the special kit! This kit is a gift from McDonalds Philippines as part of the promotions for Flavors of Asia. Thus, this is not for sale.

The kit contains Japanese and Korean goodies fitting the theme ‘cross-over’ of Japan and South Korea flavors! Plus, I am always excited to see pink and purple colors and this kit totally gave me a feast for the eyes!

The kit is divided like a Yin and Yang design and the Japanese goodies include washi tapes, chopsticks, chocolate sticks, pretty sakura-inspired bowl and chocolate bars. As for the Korean goodies, it contains Korean noodles, facemasks, choco pie and photocards featuring the Flavors of Asia menu! 

As a Kdrama merch collector, I find this cute Flavors of Asia-themed photocards so memorable! This just totally screams ‘Kpop’ as we all know how much fans spend on their merch! (Well, uhmmm — Like me!) So what’s the PC that you’ll probably gonna ‘mine’? Well, can I just ‘mine’ it all?

You can enjoy the Flavors of Asia for a limited time only so make sure to drop by at the nearest McDo brand and get your flavorful treats through Dine-In, Take-Out, Drive-Thru, and McDelivery while it’s still available!

Thank you so much McDo Philippines for having me again for this promotions! 

Disclaimer: This post contains sponsored products but I give my honest opinion based on my personal experience. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely our own.


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