Unboxing | Nam Joo Hyuk Birthday Cup Sleeve Kit from Nam Joo Hyuk Philippines

A not-so-fancy but fun way of celebrating Nam Joo Hyuk’s birthday is a cup sleeve event. In fact, I’ve been joining a lot of cup sleeve events even before the pandemic. 

This kind of event doesn’t just mean it has to be for a birthday celebration. It can be a launch of a new show, a small win, an anniversary, or just random things fans could think of. So what’s so special about this cup sleeve event? Let me show you.

Brief background on my Nam Joo Hyuk fangirling:

I became a skawngur trash when the drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo aired. If you came across one of my previous writings here, I already mentioned that I am a sports drama enthusiast, and expect me to fall for characters like Jung Joon Hyung. Yes, that’s where it all started.

What’s inside the cup sleeve kit?

Note: For those who aren’t familiar, an online cup sleeve kit contains a variety of items and freebies depending on the prepared kits by the fan club or host. Thus, you won’t expect the same inclusions in every cup sleeve event you see. The convenient part about an online event is that things get delivered right to your doorstep. For this kit, I paid 350 pesos for the kit and 170 pesos for delivery. 

The Nam Joo Hyuk Philippines’ NJH’s 29th birthday cup sleeve kit includes this huge ‘Happy Birthday’ sticker banner that I plan to stick on a sintra board. I love the effort they made for the editing! Yup, it’s confirmed that Nam Joo Hyuk owns my heart too.

Forgive me for the not-so-aesthetic photo as this kit arrived with six other boxes that I need to open so I don’t have much time to flat lay it at all. I only opened it to check it a little bit. But oh well, the feels still felt the same. Y’all know how exciting it is every time we unbox, right? 

Inside the kit, there are two Korean coffee sticks, Peppero Almond  Chocolate Stick Snack, a tote bag (that’s at the bottom of the box so it is not visible on the photo), three Nam Joo Hyuk photocards, a  thank you card from Nam Joo Hyuk Philippines, mini tumbler with a NJH chibi design and of course, the cup sleeve.

A little TMI, I actually joined their onsite cup sleeve event in 2019 but I arrived at the venue super late that there’s no longer a cup sleeve available so I am so happy that I got one for myself already. They also gave me a Nam Joo Hyuk PH Membership Card! I don’t really join the local fanclub membership thingy before so I have no idea what it is for but I guess it gives access to more events of them in the future?

I have a lot of tumblers already but I am always in for more especially if it is as cute as this one! This will surely be displayed in my Kdrama collection room for sure!

If you are also a fan of Nam Joo Hyuk and wish to get updates or participate in events, don’t forget to follow Nam Joo Hyuk Philippines on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


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