We Did It Baby! FreenBecky Graces The Big Dome With A Sold-out Aromagicare Fanmeeting in Manila

GAP: The series’ leading stars, Freen Sarocha and Becky Armstrong, popularly known as “FREENBECKY” returns to Manila for the 3rd time this year for its biggest fanmeeting yet with Aromagicare.

The Smart Araneta Coliseum is filled with love and pride as fans of Girls’ Love dramas gathered once again last July 4, 2023 for their grandest event yet.

Proving their popularity is beyond par, tickets to the fanmeeting were sold out despite the event falling on a weekday. The show kicked off with Glaiza De Castro’s performance followed by Rhian Ramos. The two local stars are both iconic for their roles in the drama “The Rich Man’s Daughter”, where they partnered in the said local GL drama.

The fans lit up LED boxes that spells FREEN, BECKY, and WE DID IT BABY while the two Thai superstars goes up on stage. The crowd went wild when Freen and Becky officially started the show with their recently released song entitled “Marry Me.”

The sparks brought by the song “Pink Theory” also received loud cheers as the crowd also sang GAP: The Series OST. Freen and Becky also expressed huge excitement as they are once again meeting their fans in Manila. They also shared that they get energized by the love brought by the Filipino fans.

Freen and Becky TMI

During the Question-and-Answer segment, they had to answer queries sent by fans. When asked about tattoos, Freen said that she plans on getting a new one, while Becky mentioned that she had fun putting on temporary tattoo stickers but must find a very deep meaning if ever she decides to have a permanent one.

Both of them revealed that their Ikigai were their fans. Becky shared that she is willing to star in a musical if there will be an opportunity and thanked her younger self for not giving up despite all the rejections and criticisms she’s been through.

Freen gave a bit of an emotional remark stating that the past can be painful, but if people learn to accept it, they can move forward. When asked about what to choose between love and career, both chose career over love as something worth fighting for, emphasizing that love will follow eventually when you work hard on your career. Lastly, they wanted to communicate with each other and continuously grow and work together for a long time.

FREENBECKY learns Filipino culture

FREENBECKY made the whole crowd laugh when they played the game “What’s in the box?”. Inside the boxes are commonly used Filipino items that they needed to guess. Hints were given by either Freen or Becky so the fans were ecstatic when they saw that the boxes contained ‘arinola’, ‘bunot, ‘lato-lato’, and ‘palo-palo’.

The girls are super game as they guess the items inside the box. They also learned how to use ‘bunot’ to scrub the floor and demonstrated how to use the ‘palo-palo’ in a playful manner. Freen surely enjoyed playing ‘lato-lato’ and even said that she’ll bring it home. The crowd always got hyped up every time the pair tried to guess the use of each item because of their funny and witty answers.

Loud cheers for FREENBECKY

As the night went on, Freen delightfully sang “Whisper of the Heart” while Becky expressively sang “Stay”. Everyone was cheering them on while also singing in between the lines. Fans also created an amazing wave of light using the flashes of their phones.


A short but heartwarming moment happened when the crowd dedicated the popular Filipino song “Hawak Kamay” while literally holding the hands of the person beside them. Freen and Becky also took photos with the audience before bidding a farewell to everyone. It’s a night filled with love and pride and with no gender boundaries.

An encore has been prepared to conclude the magical night. FREENBECKY performed the song “At My Worst.” It was a moment for everyone to see the beauty of this fandom. As their last performance, they sang “No More Blues” together with the fans. While they wave goodbye to everyone, Freen and Becky cheerfully bid their farewell with “Mahal ko kayo.”

The FREENBECKY Aromagicare Fanmeeting is brought to us by Aromagicare and CDM Entertainment.

Written by: Jessa Lacao
Photos: James Daryl Lapuz


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