2023 Highlights | Thai Events in Manila That We Attended

The curtains are ready to fall on the vibrant entertainment that has adorned the Manila skyline throughout 2023. This year has been a crescendo of cultural exchanges and unforgettable performances especially for the fans of Thai artists.

As we bid adieu to 2023, the memories of star-studded events and intimate fan gatherings in the heart of Manila linger as a testament to the city’s unwavering passion for music, entertainment, and the unbreakable bond between Thai artists and their Filipino fans.

Mark and Kimberley Fanmeeting in Manila
March 12, 2023

Thai celebrities Mark Prin and Kimberley Woltemas, who recently tied the knot, made their inaugural visit to Manila. They had a press conference and hosted their first fan meeting at the SM Skydome, where fans also had the opportunity to join in the celebration of Mark Prin’s birthday.

Love in The Air Fanmeeting in Manila
April 22, 2023

(BossNoeul) Boss Chaikamon, Noeul Nuttarat, (FortPeat) Fort Thitipong, and Peat Wasuthorn arrived in Manila to bring an abundance of love and enjoyable fan interactions to the SM Skydome during the Love In the Air Fanmeeting. The The fans of this Thai series had a great time watching the cast’s performances and participating in the entertaining on-stage games.

Between Me & You: Between Us Fanmeeting in Manila
May 8, 2023

The team from the Thai series “Between Us,” consisting of (BounPrem) Boun Noppanut, Prem Warut, (BosstonSammy) Bosston Suphadach, Samantha Melanie Coates, (TaeBenz) Benz Panupun, and Tae Weerapat, graced the SM Skydome for the “Between Me & You: Between Us Fanmeeting in Manila 2023”. The evening featured entertaining games and performances, creating lasting memories for both the fans and the cast.

Cutie Pie First Fanmeeting in Manila
June 17, 2023

The cast of the series “Cutie Pie” – (ZeeNuNew) Nunew Chawarin, Zee Pruk, (YimTutor) Yim Phariyakorn, Tutor Koraphat, (MaxNat) Max Kornthas, and Nat Nattasit – made their inaugural visit to the Philippines and concluded their fan meeting at the Aliw Theater.

They treated their fans to an exceptional night filled with games and performances both individually and as a group. Nunew expressed his desire for a collaboration with Zack Tabudlo and captivated the audience by serenading them with his rendition of “Pano.”

Freenbecky Aromagicare Fanmeeting
July 4, 2023

Recognized as one of their highlight shows this year, Thai superstars Freen and Becky, collectively known as FreenBecky from the Thai series “The Debutante,”conducted one of the largest Thai GL fan meeting ever held in the Philippines to date.

LACON 2023
July 8, 2023

The ensemble from the “Hit Bite Love” Series, including Alan Campana, Bigboss Woraphon, Pure Napolpong, Newyear Nawaphat, Jur Vasin, Vic Vittawin, and Tae Natthapat, embarked on their inaugural international tour and participated in the premiere and largest Thai fan convention, LACON 2023. In addition to their exclusive performances, attendees were treated to a plethora of entertaining acts and games throughout the convention.

Get to know more about the Hit Bite Love Cast here: Press Conference Highlights: LACON 2023

EarthMix 1st Fanmeeting in Manila
July 30, 2023

The principal stars of “A Tale of the Thousand Stars,” Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri and Mix Sahaphap Wongratch, visited the Philippines on July 30, 2023, and held their cosmic event at SM Skydome in Manila.

EarthMix immersed the audience in a celestial experience, showcasing their vocal talents with renditions of various OSTs from their drama. They enthusiastically participated in the planned games, creating a lively atmosphere. The event concluded with heartfelt messages exchanged between the duo and their fans.

My School President First Fanmeeting in Manila
August 5, 2023

A show centered around school naturally leads to a school-themed event! Taking place at the UP Theater, the cast of “My School President” organized their inaugural fan meeting in the Philippines.

The cast, including Gemini Norawit, Fourth Nattawat, Winny Thanawin, Satang Kittiphop, Ford Allan Asawasuebsakul, Prom Theepakon, Captain Pheerawit, Mark Pakin, and Aun Napat, received enthusiastic cheers from fans who passionately supported their favorite on-screen couples!

Tor Thanapob Fanmeeting in Manila
August 13, 2023

For his first visit to Manila, Thai actor Tor Thanapob warmly greeted fans and crafted delightful memories during a fan meeting. Tor divulged various TMI, showcased performances, and even treated the audience to a rendition of the Filipino song “MAPA” by SB19!

Tilly Birds Live in Manila
September 9

They soared high and made their first landing in Manila! The Thai band comped of Third Anuroth Ketlekha, Billy Nutdanai Chuchat and Milo Thunawon Tantiwattanaworakul also known as “Tilly Birds” rocked the stage of SM Skydome for a night of performances and headbanging!

You can also read on the highlights of Tilly Birds Press Conference.

Billkin and PP Krit
September 10, 2023

Billkin Putthipong and PP Krit Amnuaydechkorn more popularly known as Billkin and PP Krit from the Thai series “I Told Sunset About You” gathered their fans at the World Trade Center to create fun memories together through performances, Tiktok challenges and on-stage games. Billkin also invited his friend Zack Tabudlo to perform a duet on “Give Me Your Forever.”

ForceBook Fanmeeting in Manila
October 1, 2023

Filipino TomaFoxes started their October by meeting Force Jiratchapong and Book Kasidet at SM Skydome – making this place literally a seconde home for Thai BL community throughout this year.

ForceBook made the night memorable through their solo and couple stages as well as by actively participating in various onstage games which brought unending kilig to the fans. Get to know more about Force and Book here: ForceBook Fanmeeting in Manila Press Conference

The Upside: Kaprao Pongkorn Fanmeeting
October 7, 2023

Actor Kaprao Pongkorn Wongkrittiyarat of the popular Thai series 2Moons2 held an intimate fanmeeting at Ballare Events Studios for the first time. He sang snippets of various songs from his dramas, played games and took photos with his fans. He also shared that he had a four-day vacation in the Philippines aside from the fanmeeting.

NetJames Fanmeeting in Manila
October 14, 2023

It wasn’t just a dream because “Bed Friend” actors really created wonderful memories with their Filipino fans at NetJames 1st Fanmeeting in Manila 2023. Net Siraphop Manithikhun and James Supamongkon Wongwisut’s fans can’t contain their feelings throughout the event beacuse of NetJames’ performances and actively participating in the games.

Boss Chaikamon joined them to make it more memorable which marked his 2nd visit in Manila this year. His first visit was during the Seasons of Love: Love in the Air 1st Fanmeeting in Manila together with Noeul, Fort and Peat.

Dew Jirawat Fanmeeting in Manila
October 14, 2023

They say that the third time’s the charm and it was proven when Thai actor Dew Jirawat Sutivanichsak visited Philippines to meet his fans for the third time. One word to describe the night? It’s “kilig!”

Dew actively participated in the games prepared for him and gave performances that will surely be remembered by his fans. They laugh, cried, sang along with him and treasured every segment of the event which made waiting for him worth it. (Read more: Shooting Star Concert, Globe Reach 4 The Stars 27th Asian Television Awards)

Trinity in Manila
October 15, 2023

The Thai boyband, Trinity, with members Porsche Sivakorn Adulsuttikul, Third Lapat Ngamchaweng and Jackie Jackrin Kungwankiatichai performed their hit songs and enjoyed their moment with their fans through TMI and on-stage games at Breath of Desire Fanmeeting in Manila which happened last October 15 at SM North EDSA Skydome.

Fourth at The Filipino Festival
October 24, 2023

Coming back to Manila after their previous visit for the My School President’s First Fanmeeting, The Filipino Festival is the first of Fourth Nattawat’s international solo engagement and fans truly showed lots of love and support for him throughout this event.

Mew Fanmeeting in Manila
October 27, 2023

Mew Suppasit made his way back to Manila to meet the fans the second time around. Aside from the warm welcome he received, Filo Mewlions enjoyed a night of performances and fun games with Mew! It was also a memorable sight for him to receive a welcome cake which he mistakenly calls as “birthday cake” even if there’s still a lot of months ahead of his real birthday.

GMMTV Fanday 8 in Manila
November 18, 2023

The first in the Philippines, the GMMTV Fanday 8 Manila transpired at The Podium Mall Events Hall with a back-to-back fanmeeting of JoongDunk and JimmySea. Fans with selected ticket tiers are also treated to special perks including photo-ops, hi-touch and signed merchandise.

Benny Sings + HYBS
November 28, 2023

HYBS co-headlines with Benny Sings and gave everyone a ‘ride’ to the highly-anticipated HYBS + Benny Sings Live in Manila. The venue was transformed into a vibrant sea of energetic fans, each person ready to be swept away by the infectious energy and soulful melodies of the evening.

BELUCA 1st Fanmeeting in Manila
December 16, 2023

OffGun and TayNew fans re-unite for an unforgettable night at the BELUCA 1st Fanmeeting in Manila last December 16. The well-loved couples, in their cute power ranger outfits created fun memories with Filo Babii and Polcas through fun games, Q&As and performances.

Special thanks to Wish Us Luck, CDM Entertainment, Neuwave Events and Productions, CNCA, Makeitlive, World of Thai Banteung, Aromagicare, Karpos Live and Wilbros Live for the media invitations.


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