Here’s why everyone loves DEX (Kim Jin Young) after his appearance in ‘Zombieverse’

Known for being the heartthrob in the reality dating show “Single’s Inferno 2”, Kim Jin Young, more popularly known as DEX made his name the talk of the town after the release of Zombieverse, one of the newest Korean unscripted show from Netflix.

The Dex we know in Single’s Inferno

Everyone swooned over Kim Jin Young when he first appeared in Single’s Inferno 2. His ripped body gained a lot of attention when he first appeared on the show. His aloof and serious personality made everyone curious on what kind of person he is behind the camera.

Former UDT member “Kim Jin Young”

We’ve known him from Single’s Inferno as the guy who used to work for UDT but we’ve never seen him in action a lot except during challenges. UDT is the special team of Korea Navy or the “Republic of Korea Navy Special Warfare Flotilla”.  DEX jumps on a -13 degree water might be too much for everyone but he decided to do it anyway.

Our Health Guru

In an interview with Netflix, DEX also reminded everyone that exercising is important even if there’s no zombie apocalypse. He added that it is important to know one’s body as there might be cases in the future that needs physical strength in order to be prepared in emergency situations.

Iconic stints of DEX

Zombieverse is where DEX displayed his charms. Since the show is unscripted, there are numerous situations that needs to be faced by the cast themselves. The best part? DEX ensured everyone that they’ll be safe if they are with him. As a true leader, he stood out more while he tries to humble himself. That of course, is something that we’d love to see!

Vlogger DEX

Aside from being the well-loved man he is in Single’s Inferno and Zombieverse, DEX also previously revealed that he is actually a Youtube vlogger. You can check some of his videos at DEX101. His vlog features a lot from his daily life, prior engagements and his love for weapons.

Meet DEX and the rest of the cast of Zombieverse on Netflix!


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