Zombie survival guide from Netflix’s Zombieverse

It ain’t your traditional zombie show as the Netflix series “Zombieverse” is an unscripted variety series show that allows its cast to react in numerous scenarios if a zombie attack exists right in front of them. Since we all love the show and it is surely addicting to watch, we are sharing with you some of the reasons why.


Artists Noh Hong Chul, Lee Si Young, Din Din, Billie’s Tsuki and Park Na Rae are getting ready on the set of the dating show, Love Hunters, as commentators. As the show goes on, one of the contestants turned out to be infected with the zombie virus and bit her supposed to be partner.

They are instructed to get out of the set but they found their surroundings in chaos with more zombies who are having a feast along the street. After running across a bunch of zombies, they found a gas station but it is swarmed by zombies. Here, they discovered that there are numerous kinds of zombies that they needed to face.

As they seek for help and refuge, more quests awaits them after they meet survivors like Hong Seong Woo, Yoo Hee Kwan, the siblings Jonathan and Patricia, and Dex. They will fight for their lives through various challenges and locations until they find a safe place without zombies.

How to survive during a Zombie break out?

Keep your cool

The cast has no exact idea on what kind of zombies they are going to encounter on their journey. Still, the point is that you need to stay calm and keep your cool. If you are in your sound mind, you and your team can simply plan an escape route while utilizing anything that can be used to fight with zombies directly or just simply shoo them away.

Be resourceful

If you are stocked in the middle of a zombie outbreak, it’s time to unleash your talent in transforming anything as a weapon. You can make a push as a cage, use potatoes as bullets and a lot more! Bigger fish nets cannot only catch more fishes but can also restrain the movement of a zombie so you can put them together in a room.

Be careful of zombies and humans!

Zombies can’t bite you if you’re not within their sight. But humans can betray you be it right in front of you or behind your back. If you are in a zombie apocalypse, you either trust your instincts or don’t trust anyone at all! Still, if you think that teamwork is needed, make sure to gamble on it as well.

Learn from the experts

If you come across an expert, whether he or she learned things from a first hand experience or from just watching random survival shows online, make sure to listen. They surely have tricky ways of surviving and it will help you sooner or later!

Treasure your friends

If you have people in your circle who gets infected, it may be a difficult decision to bring them along but your half-human, half-zombie friends can be useful to you as well. After all, you were in the same circle before they turned zombies.

Be humble but still responsible

The humble citizens are usually the survivors. Zombieverse showed us how difficult it is to deal with people’s emotions during unwanted situations but these kind of scenarios also brought out the best of qualities of one another. The show will constantly hold your attention as you get intrigued by the personalities of the cast and at some point, you’ll realize that you are already on your last episode. (Read more: DEX at Zombieverse)

If you are already curious on what Zombieverse has to offer, it’s time for you to click on the app and watch all the eight episodes of Zombieverse on Netflix.

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