A delightful night with Super Junior D&E | DElight Party: 2023 D&E World Tour Fancon in Manila 2023

“Let’s go, Manila!” -Eunhyuk

Super Junior’s iconic sub-unit SUPER JUNIOR DnE consisting of Donghae and Eunhyuk, popularly called D&E, recently brought their “DElight Party: 2023 D&E World Tour Fancon” in Manila last September 30, 2023 at Smart Araneta Coliseum.

As one of the most anticipated shows of the year, Donghae and Eunhyuk didn’t disappoint the Filipino E.L.Fs (Everlasting Friends) in giving more of what they expect for a night full of performances and games.

Super Junior D&E unfolded the night with powerful performances of “Zero”, “B.A.D” and “Danger”, wearing green and purple sparkling outfits, backed by the D&E Band and the never-ending cheers from the fans which echoed across the Big Dome. “Mabuhay!” (Welcome!), “Salamat po!” (Thank You!), “Mahal ko kayo!” (I love you all!) and “Na-miss ko kayo” (I missed you all!). “Kamusta kayo?” (How are you?) are just some of the greetings the duo gave during their first ment.

They expressed their excitement in finally bringing their Fan Con to Manila and their gratitude to the fans who waited to see them. They also reminisced their last visit which was held 2 months ago on the same venue. Giving off a summer vibe with new set of outfits, they continued the DElight Party with “Sunrise” and “‘Bout You”.

“99-second mission relay”

With a series of missions that they need to complete, Donghae and Eunhyuk failed all of their 3 attempts and even jokingly scolded the fans that they should not just watch because everything is really hard. “This is D&E and E.L.Fs’ failure”, Eunhyuk added. Even though they failed, it’s undeniable that everyone enjoyed the segment.

“Moment of DElight”

D&E read numerous fan messages written on sticky notes. They get to pick some of those notes and read them aloud.

“Thank you for inspiring me to do good. I graduated this yr.”, one of the fans wrote. She was scolded by Eunhyuk because she wrote the word “year” as “yr”, followed by a warm congratulations. Also, he said that although she graduated from school, she cannot graduate from being an E.L.F, which left the crowd in awe.

On the other hand, Donghae reprimanded the fans to study English more and added “I love you so much” in the end. The fans’ laughter rapidly turned into “kilig” because of that. Next messages all includes playfully asking the two to show their abs. What’s more hilarious are D&E’s responses!

“Today, it will not happen. I didn’t bring it. My abs is in the house.”

“Guys, I am resting for months. My muscles are actually in vacation for months.”

In the end, Donghae hid behind the message board and flexed his arm muscles. Eunhyuk even pulled him which made the crowd went wild. Eunhyuk added that when they have their comeback, they will bring those “friends”, pertaining to their muscles.

Both gave the fans some sexy moves and a little part of “Gento” by SB19. E.L.Fs teased the duo and Donghae repeatedly said “Kayo talaga!” (You guys!) in a cute way which made the fans burst into laughter.

Even though they came to Manila as a sub-unit, they didn’t forget that Shindong’s birthday was just few days ago. They then asked the fans to sing the birthday song for him, both in English and Korean the proceeded in singing “Still You”, “Gloomy” and “Growing Pains,” and “Home.”

“We are tired, we need to go home”

Their last ment consists of telling the fans that they are tired and have to go home and rest already but the fans are telling them not to end the show yet. Donghae and Eunhyuk even copied the fans’ chant “Walang uuwi!” so they joked that they are not going home because they are going to the hotel.

D&E also performed “Need U” and a mash-up of “I Wanna Dance” and “Oppa Oppa”.

The fans asked for encore accompanied by the D&E Band. Suprisingly, the two walked towards to the fans while singing “Share My Love”. They said thay they did that because they want to feel the love of the fans and get closer to them.

As they play with the confettis, a VCR made by the Filipino E.L.Fs was played and it showcased the different beautiful sceneries of the Philippines where the fans brought their D&E “papels” or photocards to feel like they were traveling with them and they were both touched.

They also performed a mash-up of Super Junior’s most iconic songs mainly “Mamacita”, “Bonamana” and “Sorry Sorry”. Lastly they give a cheerful performance of “Can You Feel It” and “Hello”. The two took some photos and videos to commemorate the night and promised to be back again. Check out their event video!

It was indeed a DElightful Party with Super Junior D&E! The DElight Party: 2023 D&E World Tour Fancon in Manila 2023 is brought to us by CDM Entertainment.

Article: Denisse Pascual
Photos: Jessa Lacao


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