Between U and Me: Best Moments at Kim Bum’s Fanmeeting in Manila

The long wait was finally over! Between U and Me in Manila took place at the New Frontier Theater last September 22. Hosted by the lovely Sunny Kim and brought to you by Viu Philippines through Viu Scream Dates.

The actor’s last visit to the country was way back in 2009 for a TV commercial shoot. It’s safe to say that this fanmeeting was over a decade in the making. Before the fanmeet started, a few fans stood out from the crowd with their next-level outfits. A traditional hanbok, an all-white wedding dress, and even a gumiho were among the attendees.

Lucky fans were also randomly drawn to play games with him up on stage in a segment called “Challenge With Bum”. Kim Bum was met with loud cheers when he rose on stage and sang “Love Song” by Kei from Lovelyz and “Kiss the Rain” by THAMA, both OSTs from his latest drama “A Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938”.

Personal touch

Through the interview segment, it was revealed that Kim Bum was personally involved in every aspect of the fanmeeting – from the title down to the song selection in his performances. In “Bum’s Update”, Kim Bum said it took four months for him to prepare for this fanmeeting. This included all the classes and meetings.


INTJ Beommies were delighted to know they share the same rare MBTI personality type with the beloved actor. According to Ms. Sunny Kim’s research, INTJs are very independent. They like to pursue their ideas rather than follow the expectations of others. Honesty is both their strength and weakness. Their fatal flaw? Overthinking!

The 2023 Kim Bum Awards

Filipino Beommies were given the chance to vote before entering the venue. Results were made known through “The 2023 Kim Bum Awards”! According to them, the word that suits Kim Bum the most is ‘cute’. However, he voted for ‘cool’ because it’s embarrassing to choose the other words.

Lee Rang and So Yijeong got the most votes for “the person I want to introduce to my best
friend”. Kim Bum chose Han Joonhwi from Law School. The reason was because Lee Rang is not a human and he’s considered dangerous. Go Seungtak sees ghosts which he does not like. It’s a no for So Yijeong of Boys Over Flowers because he’s a playboy.

Dancing Bum

Kim Bum got to show off his precious dance moves in “Bum’s Quiz” whenever fans got the right answer. Although shy, he danced to “ETA” by NewJeans, “Flower” by Jisoo, and “Eve, Psyche & the Bluebeard’s wife” by Le Sserafim. “You know I have never danced even in front of my mother,” he confessed.

Beommies were taken on a trip to nostalgia when Kim Bum sang “Because I’m Stupid” by
SS501. He shot to stardom through his role as So Yijeong from Boys Over Flowers.

Last fan standing

Fans got to know Kim Bum a lot more through “Bum’s TMI”. TMIs were flashed on screen and Beommies had to decide if they were true (O) or false (X). The ones who got all the right answers until the very end got to take a polaroid picture with Kim Bum on stage.

Here’s a summary of the game:
(X) Kim Bum likes summer the best.
(X) Kim Bum has had more than 3 cups of coffee today.
(X) Kim Bum can eat at a restaurant all by himself.
(X) Kim Bum sets more than 2 alarms.
(O) Kim Bum has stayed up all night in the past month.
(X) Kim Bum can eat more than 5 mangoes in one sitting.
(O) Kim Bum has fallen asleep while watching a movie.

To cap off the fanmeet, Kim Bum sang “When I Get Old” by Christopher and Chungha and “My Universe” by Coldplay X BTS. Beommies can watch Kim Bum’s dramas on the Viu app.

Article: Nish Salvatierra
Photos: Jessa Lacao


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