K-Cafe Krawl: A mix of Thai and Korean feels at Unnie Cafe

A cozy cafe that’s perfect for an afternoon tea or coffee, or maybe the next location for your cupsleeve event, Unnie Cafe is one of the accessible spots for small gatherings to celebrate your oppa or unnie’s birthday or milestone of a group you are supporting.


Most of my friends who first visited the cafe wouldn’t notice that there’s an actual cafe in the area unless you are really heading towards the cafe or you’ve checked it ahead online. The cafe is beside a Korean mart along Taft and you’d probably not notice it as well if it is your first visit.

Inside, the first impression will be “Oh, this is really a hobby/themed cafe” since familiar show posters are sticking on the wall. They also have a few items for sale and even have an area where the cupsleeves of previous events were displayed.

Food and Drinks

I tried two of their drinks when I first visited and I had three visits after that but I only got myself a drink and no photos. The drinks are okay. As someone who enjoys my Matcha a lot, their take on it is not as remarkable but pretty decent for its price.

When I first visited, they said that they were fixing things on their kitchen so they couldn’t serve any form of snacks and drinks which is a bit off for me since it is a cafe and they should at least have breads or light snacks that should be available specially that the they knew ahead that there is a cupsleeve event on that date.

When I visited the 2nd and 3rd time, they already have a few displayed snacks but I am only up for drinks as I am going to another event where I’ll be eating a lot. Thus, I might need to comeback again to try their food.

What to expect?

If you are after the “Korean” feels of the store, I bet that you need to manage your expectations. The very first time I entered the store, I am so confused why there are plenty of posters from the Thai events I covered before.

“Unnie” is a term that pertains to “ate” in Korean so I am expecting more of Korean displays but it is safe to say that it is about 70% Thai and 30% Korean displays. This is probably because there are more Thai fan groups who uses the area for cupsleeve but still, I would love to see at least a balance if that’s the case.

Unnie Cafe is located just in Taft Avenue between Vito Cruz and Buendia station.


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