My SHINee World: A Pearl Aqua Carpet Event and Special Screening

Shawols unite! It’s time to gather our feels and raise our lightsticks as we experience the exciting world of “My SHINee World” that’s hitting the big screens worldwide!

The My SHINee World Pearl Aqua Carpet Event

A special night only for Shawols, The My SHINee World Pearl Aqua Carpet Event is totally the major gathering of the fans this year. Coined from the fandom color of SHINee, the event featured numerous activities aside from the screening itself.

The fans enjoyed photobooths, light snacks, official merchandise, a set of photocards and of course the aqua pearl carpet before you enter the venue.

My SHINee World Film

The My SHINee World Film screening is a documentary- concert film of SHINee featuring their biggest concert yet, the “My SHINee World”. The film gave us a glimpse of the concert process from the members physical and mental preparations. Members Jonghyun, Taemin, Onew, Key and Minho also shared the hardships, the fun and memorable moments they had as they begin their career up until this moment.

Prepare your handkerchiefs as the film is seriously taking you to a roller-coaster ride of emotions as every scene shift means new emotions.

The film experience

I’ve never watched any docu-series where I bawl my eyes out and the next minute I am singing along with the performance. It was like a constant scenario as you watch the film as they gave us a mix of behind-the-scene stories of SHINee and their best performances throughout their career. The film is screening in selected countries including Philippines from November 17-19 and is extended for another weekend from November 24-26!

The film is brought to us by Rafaella Films and CDM Entertainment.


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