Beyond Acting: Park Min Young’s Dazzling Dance Covers We Wish to See At Her “My Brand New Day in Manila Fanmeeting”

Get ready to see a different side of Park Min Young at her upcoming Manila Fanmeeting, “2024 Park Min Young Asia Fanmeeting: My Brand New Day in Manila“!

While she’s known for her captivating acting, Park Min Young has also shown off her impressive dance skills in various covers. Here are some performances we’re hoping to see her revisit on May 12, 2024 at the SM Skydome:

We can’t get enough of the energetic “Woman Like Me” dance cover Park Min Young did with May J Lee. This playful mix of Little Mix’s hit and May J Lee’s Japanese version adds a unique twist to the choreography.

You can watch the official video here:

Park Min Young also shared a practice video for the “God Is A Woman + Touch” for her Fanmeeting

Her Private Life Fun

Remember the fun dance scene at the Noraebang in “Her Private Life”? Fans would love to see Park Min Young recreate those carefree moves with her backup dancers at the fanmeeting.

Tell Me More

This energetic dance cover of “Tell Me” by Girls’ Generation is another fan favorite. Park Min Young aces the powerful choreography, and it would be a guaranteed crowd-pleaser at the event. You can check out the video here:

With these amazing dance covers in her repertoire, Park Min Young’s “My Brand New Day in Manila” fanmeeting promises to be an unforgettable event. Get ready for an evening of laughter, live music, and maybe even some surprise dance performances.

Here’s the seat plan and fan benefits for the fanmeeting. Tickets are still available via CDM Entertainment website.


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