Collecting Kdrama Photocards: My First Two Binders

“How do you store your photocards?” I constantly get this question from my friends and Facebook followers. Well to answer that, it took me more than a year to finally decide how to store them, and my friend, A Fangirl’s Heart helped me pick a good quality binder and sleeves for my very first photo card collection. Can’t wait to share it with you!

I got my first binder from Shopee, it is also the same shop where my friend bought hers. This is around 400 pesos and there are three color options, black, blue, and white. Since most of my huge boxes and albums are black, I picked that color too. The size of the binder is A4.

Since I am clueless about everything related to photocard collections, I just literally followed everything that my friend said. She said I should also sleeve my photo cards. (In my mind, I was thinking “so the inner sleeves actually existed?)

Before I learned about this photocard binder stuff, I just store my photo cards in a small box altogether, and even before that, they just sat together with the albums where I got them from. So when I got my first binder, I got super excited!

The 400 pesos is just the binder itself, I had to buy the page sleeves at 25 pesos each. I bought 10 sleeves at 250 pesos (the nine-pocket sleeves) and 5 sleeves with four pockets.

Here’s the bottom part of the binder. I am excited to fill it with lots of my favorite Kdrama photocards! My friend said I should have bought a premium sleeve because the price is almost the same as the premium ones but since I am only starting this collection and I don’t want to get super serious about it, I bought the not-so-pro one. Nevertheless, the quality is still good. It is not like the cheap ones you get elsewhere.

Seeing my photocards whenever I flip the pages make me super excited. The feeling doesn’t change even if I’ve seen them plenty of times already. Now, I totally understand why people store them in binders. There’s a feeling of excitement and satisfaction just by looking at the photo cards you worked hard for.

As my friend suggested, each photocard is stored in an inner sleeve (Sultan sleeve), which I bought at 113 pesos for 50 pieces. I bought 2 sizes of it from their Shopee official store. What I love about their sleeves is that the quality and thickness of the sleeve are enough to protect your card from dirt and scratch. They also have plenty of sleeve size choices to cater to your needs.

A few weeks later, I got another binder. I am not sure of the binder size but this is probably the B5 size. This is unexpected but I am glad this is included in the Imitation OST Album. The binder has the Imitation logo in front and has a full-size sleeve on the front and back part of the binder. The quality of the sleeves isn’t so nice but it is quite expected since this is just a part of the album.

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At the moment, this is where I store my Imitation photocards! Shax, Sparkling, Tea Party and Lee Maha photocards are finally complete and they have this cutie binder as their home!

I’m curious, how do you store your photo cards? Do you keep them using a binder or is there any other way you could suggest to help me improve this collection?


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