'New World' and all the funny scenes I can't get enough of | Variety Show Review

If you’ve been following my page for a while now, you’d know that I am not really a fan of variety shows. I do watch clips and episodes whenever my favorite actors or idols guest but I am not the type who would watch all of it especially shows with a pretty long list of episodes.

Since New World is just an eight-episode show and I have nothing to watch, I gave it a try and it didn’t disappoint me. Now it’s time to flex what’s in for you in the utopian world ‘New World.’


  • Kim Heechul
  • Lee Seung Gi
  • EXO Kai
  • Jo Bo Ah
  • Park Na Rae
  • Eun Ji Won

Things to expect from the show:

Funny Cast

Kai in a variety show like this gives a different vibe but it is refreshing to see. I love how he shows his honest but funny side at times. You can see that he’s been to a lot of variety shows as a guest but there’s always an idol vibe in him that’s totally undeniable.

Heechul and Lee Seunggi are known to be a part of the top-tier variety show gods. I’ve seen how funny Heechul is whenever I watch Knowing Brothers (All The Butlers) and Lee Seunggi too is so fun to watch in the Netflix show Twogether.

This is also my first time watching Jo Bo Ah, Park Na Rae, and Ji Won Eun, and they are super fit in this show. They have ‘suspicious’ characters but most of their innocent actions are funny at the same time making the show hilarious overall.

But then, since the show is not super hyped, I am curious about what kind of ‘survival’ show it is so I gave it a try. To my surprise, the whole show is fun to watch. The star-studded cast are consist of funny individuals who went to a utopian island. Inside the island, there are challenges where they could earn virtual currencies that they can exchange for the ‘real world’ cash on their last day.

I don’t remember watching an episode where I don’t laugh so hard. The sabotage, betrayals, and plot twists of every episode will make you interested to watch it more until you realize that you finish all the episodes in one sitting. So here I am sharing reasons why you should start watching this show if you haven’t yet.


The Chulbourghini ain’t your typical hop-on hop-off service, it is more of an ‘idol’ special ride where Heechul himself will pick you up in front of your house and drive you to your desired location.

This Chulbourghini with a huge ribbon in front is also the only — Yes, only means of living for the beggar Heechul in New World and it holds a lot of funny memories. I don’t think I could ride and drive a golf cart now without remembering this show.

In New World, You can be rich today and be poor tomorrow. We love how the eight-episode show got us the ‘Beggar Brothers’ Heechul and Lee Seunggi. Aside from their status of being ‘beggars of the New World,’ they are also the traitor brothers who always turn all other show members’ lives upside down at the end of the day. Interesting, isn’t it?

“Is this the taste of wealth?”

Lastly, as Kai said, “Is this the taste of wealth?” True enough, the show really showed us a taste of good life and the bitter taste of getting bankrupt. If you are looking for a show that’s not too long, funny, and with an out-of-the-box concept, the Netflix series ‘New World’ is surely for you!

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